Soft White Vs Warm White (Know The Differences)


When you are comparing soft white vs warm white, warm white is yellowish-white with a color temperature rating of 3000-3500/4000K. On the other hand, soft white is yellow, having a temperature rating of 2700-3000K. Besides, soft white bulbs are more suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, dining, and outdoors. And warm white bulbs are recommended to use … Read more

How to Make LED Lights Look Warmer? 5 Methods


To make your LED lights look warmer the most effective method is to use orange color gels. For the warmer glaze, you can paint the LED bulbs. Uses of cellophane, yellow stripes, and Kapton tape are also very impressive methods to warm up the LED lights. Nowadays, we see the use of LED lights everywhere- … Read more

3000k vs. 6000k – Which Bulb Where to Use?


When it comes to the number of lumens a light emits, 3000k and 6000k lights are not the same. The main differences between this two are the color temperature. 3000k light emits a warmer color, while 6000k is cooler. Looking at the overall brightness of these bulbs, 3000K LED light is slightly less bright than … Read more

2700K vs 5000K Lights: What’s The Difference Between?


2700k light is typically used in lamps found in homes and bedrooms, while 5000k is more commonly used for industrial purposes like factories. Also, people will find that 2700k provides more balanced illumination overall. This type of light is great for reading, working on computers, or studying. 5000k light is popular in large area coverage … Read more

What Color LED Light Helps You Sleep?


RED light is evident in having a calming effect on our brain which helps us fall asleep faster and deeper. And by “RED light”, we do not refer to just red-colored bulbs, rather the bulb that emits RED hued light from the source. Although there is no strong scientific explanation or research that can strongly … Read more

How To Make A Motion Sensor Light Stay On


The simplest way to keep your motion sensor light stay on is to move around it every couple of seconds. But sometimes that may not be convenient either. So, you can use some other tricks to make the motion sensor light stay on or install a hardware switch to bypass the connection to get control … Read more

What Color Light Helps You Wake Up?

What Color Light Helps You Wake Up?

Yellow is the best color light to wake up to simply because it feels like sunrise and also boosts your mood instantly. Your mind and body will carry this good feeling throughout the day. I experimented a lot with LED lights of different colors for different uses. Among these lights, I found yellow and blue … Read more