7 Must Have LED Lighting Ideas For Desk Setup – (2023)


LED lighting can greatly improve the comfort and productivity of your workspace. No matter which desk activity (Gaming or Casual Usage) you’re up to, you’ll always appreciate the extra lighting experience.  If you’re looking for product ideas regarding LED lighting for desk, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss … Read more

15 Unique Gaming Room Led Lighting You Should Own In 2023


Having the most rigid gaming setup can’t solve the dull atmosphere of your room without proper lighting. Setting up your room’s lighting is as important as building a beast PC to create a wholesome gaming atmosphere.  LED lights are best for gaming rooms as they are safe and consume less electricity. You can always keep … Read more

Can You Plug LED Lights Into An Extension Cord?


An extension cord is a cable that helps in extending the connection from the main outlet. Like every other electrical item, one might want to extend LED light connection too. If you’re one of them and wondering if you can plug LED lights into an extension cord, this article is for you.  Yes, you can … Read more

Cool White vs Daylight – What’s The Differences?


Cool white bulbs generally come with a color temperature of 4000-5000K. The light has a neutral effect on the mood but brings a slightly blue feel. On the other hand, daylight bulbs provide color temperatures between 5000K-6000K and have an exciting effect on us. However, none of the daylight and cool white are considered good … Read more

Different Led Light Color Meaning & Where to Use Them


Different LED light colors include mainly white lights and RGB lights. In the case of White lights, the soft white is Yellow, warm white is yellowish-white. Again cool white is neutral white and daylight is White-blue. And for RGB, 3 primary colors are red, green, and blue. In this article, I’ve explained everything more practically. … Read more

What Led Light Color Helps You Focus? (Green Or Blue)?


Green and blue both LED lights color help to improve concentration and focus. The green LED helps to hold long-term concentration. On the other hand, blue LEDs help to concentrate at a higher rate but not long-term like green LEDs.  Below I’ll be discussing the facts behind everything and some other aspects. So stay with … Read more

Do Led Lights Attract Bugs? (Detail Explanation)


Yes, LED lights do attract bugs but not as much as traditional light do. Bugs are drawn to LED lights that have a shorter wavelength and produce UV light, as well as those that emit a bright blueish light. This is because many insects use UV light to navigate, so they’re naturally attracted to it. … Read more