25 Aesthetic Room Decoration Ideas With LED Light – (2023 Guide)

Giving your room an aesthetic look is just not simple as fashion or trendy activities. Making room aesthetic is an art. People try so many things to make their room aesthetic and beautiful. They use books, plants, new furniture, etc. to make the room look like a gorgeous place.


However, some simple tricks of light can give your room such an aesthetic look that you would never imagine. An aesthetic room with LED lights is the most popular room decoration in the present time.

Here, in our article, we will discuss 25 ideas to decorate aesthetic rooms with LED lights and a few other things that you should know before beginning the decoration process.

So, let’s start.

25 Aesthetic Room Decoration Ideas With LED Light:

How you decorate your room mostly depends on your personal choice and personality. But some suggestions and ideas will help you to create your thoughts.

So, ready to hear about our ideas on aesthetic rooms with LED lights? We got 25 ideas for our audience, let’s see.

1. LED Stripe Light

The most common and most used product to make your room aesthetic is LED stripe light. It’s popular for decoration cause the cost of the LED Stripe Light is very low. It’s best for those who are a little short on their money. Plus the setup of the LED strip light is very easy. It’s a completely tool-free installation and will take only a couple of minutes.

There are several things you can do with stripe light to make your room aesthetic. Let’s see what are those.

  • Lighting the dark corner– These are very famous for brightening the dark side. You can add these light places like kitchen cupboards, in the hallway, or even in your closet space.
  • Movie Room You can use the light to create an aesthetic movie room. Adjust the light behind the TV wall and it will bring life to any movie.

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2. Multicolour LED Light Bulbs

Multicolour LED light bulbs are very popular for aesthetic room decoration. These are very useful if you have a smart home.

You can hang these bulbs from the ceiling, it will give a feel like, you are lying in outer space darkness, and the whole universe is open in front of your eyes. You can also attach these bulbs to your bedside lamp.

3. Neon Sign LED

A properly decorated aesthetic room is not complete without a neon sign LED. It produces good vibes and is a fantastic way to light up minimal areas.

Neon lights are the best way of making wall art. You can attach these signs in the living room, living space, game room, and kids’ room to make the room view aesthetic.

There are so many pre-made neon sign LED lights available in the market. You can also order customized neon led lights.

Writing a welcome sign or name with an LED neon light is a good way to make your room look aesthetic. Writing your favorite lyrics with light will give you inner pleasure.

4. Leaser Star LED Projector

LED leaser star projectors are the next-level room decorating product. This product is now very famous among TikTok users and influencers.

Leaser star LED projectors have various kinds of effects. The star effect is the fan favorite one. By turning on the projectors, you will have the feel of spending a night under a sky full of stars right in your very own private room. It’s very calming and relaxing.

5. LED String Light

String LED lights are most famous for decorating rooms in an aesthetic style. Among the list of making aesthetic rooms with LED lights, the use of LED string lights will come first.

It comes with so many styles and so many products. You have the theme of hellfire as well as the sunshine of heaven. Another convenience of the string light is that it is also very inexpensive.

One can use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It gives the room a cozy environment and at the same time, it can make the room ambiance.

  • You can attach the light to the edge of the wall corner. This is a great way to decorate an empty wall.
  • You can hang photos attached with the string light. These sorts of photo hanging lights are usually made of small bright bulbs. This gives the room a shabby chic look.

6. LED Faux Vine

LED faux vine is a must for decorating a room. It creates warmth and a comfortable environment. You will be surprised to see how the light enhances the ambiance.

These LED vines come in many different designs and they can be used in so many ways. So, you can use your creativity to make the room aesthetic.

You wrap the vine lights with the wall. You can hang it from the ceiling, door, or window. The vine light brings a fun, festive vibe to the room.

7. Moon Phase Garland

Using moon phase garland is a popular way to decorate a room aesthetically. There are so many different-shaped moon phase garlands available on the market.

These garland suits perfectly all the colors. People mostly use hang lighting garlands over their head side wall. You can hang them from your bookshelf’s rooftop. On the bare wall, the moon phase garland looks good too.

8. Electric Gallery Wall

Electric gallery walls are very popular among the young generation as well as among the grandfather generation too. People started to add photos to their walls a long time ago. We can use that idea and modernize it with an electric gallery wall. This will make your room aesthetic.

Electric gallery walls are the same as a traditional gallery. However, in the electric gallery, we use so many different types of frames, colors, and art and then add LED light combined with the photos.

You can make a gallery wall in your bedroom, living room, hallway, or kitchen in any place you want. To make an electric gallery wall first choose a group of photos that you want to see together on the wall.

Now, attach them to the wall. Make sure the color balance is okay, like- if you have blue color in a corner then use blue color too on the opposite side. Finally, put on some LED lighting and your electric gallery will be set. The gallery wall poster or photos reflects our emotions and thoughts.

9. Colourful Bedding

To bring a new life into your room the most simple thing you do is change your old bed sheets. This time try some colorful bed sheets and add some LED light around the room corner. The results will shock you, believe me.

10. Arc Wall Decals

Arc wall decals are becoming more and more famous every day. For those who are familiar with arch wall decals, it’s a wall sticker or sometimes people call it a wall tattoo. These wall decals are used to provide information and for decoration purposes.

The biggest reason for arc wall deals popularity is that it gives freedom to its users which is not possible with other wall paintings and it gives the comfort of a bare floor. Plus, the arc wall decals give a home visual feel.

To give your room an aesthetic visual, you can attach an arch wall decal behind your bed or sofa wall. Attach the decal to your TV wall. The decals look good in front of your work table wall and behind the dressing table.

And after that choose LED colorful lights that match your arc wall decals. The reflection of LED lights over wall decals makes it more beautiful and realistic.

11. Fairy Lights

Can you remember the Christmas or festival time, how beautiful the house looked with some extra fairy lighting, right?

You know, fairy lights are not just for Christmas, you can use them the whole year. It provides a magical, inviting holiday seasons feel. A soft fairy-flattering lighting effect can make your room aesthetic.

There are several things you can do with fairy lights. You can attach them to the ceiling by zig-zag or another pattern. The most creative idea you can have with fairy lights is that you can create a rainbow with fairy lights. Tie up multiple colors of fairy lights from one corner of your wall to another corner in a rainbow shape- there, you have your rainbow in your room.

12. Icicle Style Ceiling Light

It’s one of the most effective ways to make your room an aesthetic one. There are so many types of icicle ceiling lights available on the market, just buy them and hang them from the ceiling. This lighting will transform your simple room into a magical wonderland.

13. Canopy Bed

Canopy beds have been around in the market for centuries. We get to see them from the houses of the victorian age to modern days houses.

Canopy beds are usually made with a total of eight beams and each of the beams is connected structurally. This structural frame looks like a kinda cube.

Once people hang long bed curtains with canopy for privacy matter. But now, it is mostly used for decoration.

  • Adding bright color lighting to your canopy bed curtains is a popular way of decoration. This will make your room bigger and the reflection with light will make it look glamorous.
  • Wooden canopy bed is a fantastic way of making your room aesthetic. If you are a nature lover then a wooden canopy bed with LED dark lighting will give you a very authentic natural vibe.

14. Curtain LED Light

To create an aesthetic room with LED light, you can use curtain LED lights. Curtain LED lights play a very important role in giving your room an aesthetic vibe. It separates you and your world from everything. Helps a lot with the thinking and imagination process.

There is nothing new to tell about curtain LED lighting. If you are planning to use them for all events and festivals then go for sparkling LED curtain lights.

Some people worry whether hanging lights with curtains is safe or not. As long as you are using LED lights, there is nothing to be worried about. These won’t start a fire, it’s cool and you can touch them.

15. Lighting around the Sheer Curtain

Lighting around the sheet curtain is as important as the room and bed curtains lighting. Attach string LED light in the four corners of your window and chose a sheer fabric that suits the color. This will make your room a beautiful and romantic place.

16. Use fashionable items with LED light

To shift your traditional room into an artistic visionary room, you can bring home some items home that comes with LED lights. We, call these items, multipurpose LED items.

For example, you can buy an LED keyboard, LED USB port, LED desktop, LED clock, etc. This will enrich your room glamorous and at the same time, you will have some extra lighting.

17. Zen Lighting in the bedroom

Zen lighting means creating a welcoming oasis of peace and a calm environment vibe within the room by using LED lights. Zen soft lighting is an excellent lighting idea for your bedroom.

It’s philosophical, and romantic and goes with every emotion. And by swapping colors you can create different moods.

To create zen lighting use color-changing LED lights. Use natural light reflection with LED lights. It’s very helpful for meditation.

18. Lighting up the Staircase with Functional Light

Lighting up the staircase with functional light can bring a very cinematic and dramatic look. It’s so simple yet very amazing and prevents missteps. For the staircase, it’s better if you keep the lighting simple and not too shiny.

19. Lighting around the mirror

Uhuhuu, the mirror is one of the most important parts of the decoration. Lighting around the mirror gives the environment a philosophical vibe at the same time it provides a romantic mood too. This makes the room look luxurious and larger.

People mostly use mirror lighting in their bathroom by attaching LED stripes or multi-colored bulb lights with mirrors. However,  the coolest way of making your room aesthetic with a mirror is by installing a full-length mirror in your room and decorating it with lights.

20. Headboard Lighting

Well, the headboard could be very helpful to make your room aesthetic. Add an artfully decorated headboard over your head it will change the view of your room.

We mostly use candles or shades to create a subdued atmosphere in our room. However, it’s not very practical cause, you have to buy them regularly and you need to turn them off before going to sleep. However, you can create a subdued atmosphere by using headboard light techniques.

If you don’t have headboards with your bed then buying a new one will cost you a lot. As an alternative solution, you can make your lighting headboard all by yourself. Use a plywood piece and give it a headboard shape. Now cover the plywood with cotton, linen, and other materials.

After that add some lighting to the wood and your LED headboard is ready.

21. Ladder Shelf

Using ladder shelves for decorating a room aesthetically is one of the coolest ways of decoration. It’s the best choice for those who live in a small size room.

It looks good in every corner of the room and also it provides a huge space for storage. You can hang LED lights from the rooftop of the ladder shelves for an aesthetic look.

22. LED lighting under the bed

To make an aesthetic room with LED light you can use your bed. Just add some hidden LED light around the bed and see the difference. You can add different colors and a motion sensor too.

23. Galaxy Light

If you are a sci-fi guy then galaxy light is for you. It gives the room a very engaging and modern vibe which you won’t get by hanging paintings on the wall. With galaxy lighting, you will get twinkling stars, floating clouds, and soothing colors in the room.

24. Lighting around the plant

LED lighting mostly creates an artificial environment. To make it looks more real and close to nature, lighting around the plants is a good illusion. It has so many benefits such as it improves your mood, helps you to think creatively, killing the stress mood and provides fresh air in the room, and does so many other things.

25. DIY Pallet Bed

DIY pallet beds are now most famous for aesthetic room decoration. If you don’t know, DIY means decorating, building, and making something at home by oneself rather than employing a professional. And pallet woods are used for storing, packing, and carrying materials.

However, people are now using pallets to make their beds. You will get pallets in your local hardware, supermarkets, or pet stores.

You can create multilayered DIY pallet beds. However, single-layered is close to the ground and it’s the most popular design. Plus, sleeping close to the ground with some LED lighting is the scientifically best way to sleep.

If you put four pallets together, this will create a queen size bed for you. For a better aesthetic vibe, you can paint the pallet bed.

What should you consider for LED Light Aesthetic Decoration:

Well, before jumping into the aesthetic room with the LED lights process, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Let’s see, what are those?

• Room Size:

Room size matters a lot in that case. For example, for small size rooms, you have to go with compact lights and make sure they don’t produce much heat. For a bigger size room, you can use powerful and very bright LED lights.

• Budget:

Well, budget is a big factor for all sorts of decoration. First, fixed a budget, and then look out for ideas that make your room aesthetic within your budget.

• Light Controlling:

Before setting up the aesthetic room with LED lights first think about how you want to control the lights. Do you want a set timer or use a remote or switch etc. to run the lighting application?

Art that would make LED Lighting Decoration more aesthetic:

After decorating your room with LED light, you still add some artwork to make it aesthetic. You can add a wall painting, or you make artwork by using the LED lights(for LED light artwork suggestions check our other articles)

You can make bookshelves and decorate them. Nothing in the world is more aesthetic than books. You can put some ceramic or wooden things in the room for making the room aesthetic.

Things like soft blankets, stylish led lighting, extra-large pillows, and throws, light and airy wall colors, round poufs, floating shelves, string lights, etc, are also helpful to make a glamorous room.

What are the things an aesthetic LED light Decorated room should have:

This is an interesting chapter of our making aesthetic room with LED lights. You really can’t say to someone that you should have that or this to make your room aesthetic. It’s a very personal choice so all we can do is make some good suggestions for you.

So, let’s see, what are the things an aesthetic LED light decorated room should have to make it more glamorous and beautiful?

• In Bed

Well, you can use different shapes of pillows plus an oversized knitted trow looks cool. Next, have a fluffy blanket and consider the color of it with your lighting color.

• In Floors

Wooden floors are aesthetic as hell but remember it’s kind of costly if you are not living in a tree house. However, you can use a round pouf for sitting and you may use fluffy carpets.

• In Walls

Walls are where you can do a lot of artistic aesthetic things. Such as hanging plants, creating floating shelves, having framed wall galleries, portrait pictures, etc.

Why use LED lights for aesthetic room decoration:

Our session discussing ideas of decorating an aesthetic room with LED lights has come to the ending part. But does that question ever come to your mind during that time “why use LED light for aesthetic decoration and why not something else?” Let’s see, why.

• Long Lasting lifespan

One of the major reasons for using LED lights is that it’s very durable and long-lasting. The average lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours and it can reach 100,000 hours if you can use them properly. So, from a LED light, you will get service for around 6 to 12 years.

• Energy Efficiency

Another leading advantage we get by using LED lights is energy efficiency. If we chose some other lighting than LED then, it would produce too much energy which is a waste and bad for the environment.

• Inexpensive, Easy installation, and Flexible

Compare to other lighting, LED lights are very cheap. One can decorate the whole house with LED lights for just a few dollars. Plus, the LED lighting is flexible for designing and the setup is very easy.


We have reached the end of our aesthetic room with an LED light discussion. Among the 25 ideas, hope you find your decoration idea. Thank you for sticking with us this long, if you got any new ideas, do share them with us, we will be very glad to learn from you.

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