What Color LED Light Helps You Sleep?

RED light is evident in having a calming effect on our brain which helps us fall asleep faster and deeper. And by “RED light”, we do not refer to just red-colored bulbs, rather the bulb that emits RED hued light from the source. Although there is no strong scientific explanation or research that can strongly prove RED light’s direct impact on sleep, a few experiments have shown convincing results to back it up. 


Most of us already know that different colors create a different impact on our psychology. Maybe that’s how we pick a certain color outfit for attending a formal meeting and another for a casual gathering. 

Just like that, each individual colored LED light has its own impact on our psychology and mood. While some may keep our senses up and others soothe us down and help to fall asleep. Today we are going to discuss some facts and experiments on how RED colored LED light can shift our mood and promote better sleep.  

Which Color Light Promotes Sleep Best?

Each different color of light triggers different emotions, messages, connotations and meaning. You can use LED light colors for different situations and make the perfect ambience as you want.

Researchers have found that red light is the ideal color to put on in the evening and night. White light and Blue light have shorter wavelengths ranging from 400 to 495 nanometer, whereas Red light has a long wavelength as much as 670 nanometer.

With a longer wavelength it has a lower color temperature which is soothing to our brain. Where White and Blue light causes anxiety, wakefulness and restlessness, Red light makes us calm and relaxed.

An experiment was conducted in 2012 on a group of 20 female Chinese basketball players who were exposed to red light for about 30 minutes in the night time for 14 days. The result showed that these females have had a better sleep experience than those who weren’t exposed to the Red Light and also performed better in their game performance.

Another similar study was conducted in Taiwan on a group of patients with sleeping disorders in 2013. Results showed that after the Red light therapy, the patients could fall and stay asleep for longer.

Later in 2017, a research was conducted upon a group of people to find out which color light is best for inducing sleep. The result was interesting. It showed White color light takes the longest time to make them fall asleep. And a color of preference induces sleep the fastest. However this study has not studied each color and its effect individually.

How Red Color LED Lights Help Your Sleeping

If you often find yourself struggling to fall asleep, a RED light therapy might help. So, you might be wondering what a RED light therapy is.

It’s a therapy session where you expose yourself to a specific LED light that is Red in color for about 20-30 minutes every day, preferably in the evening. Whereas blue hued lights have a wavelength between 450 and 495 nanometer, the red LED light has a longer wavelength. 

The specific RED light required for your sleep therapy should have a wavelength somewhat around 670 nanometer. Practicing this therapy on a regular basis can offer you multiple benefits including the followings

Increases Melatonin Secretion

Exposure to RED light is very much likely to increase melatonin secretion in one’s body. Melatonin is a chemical component that is responsible for making you feel sleepy. 

RED light does not directly trigger this sleep hormone. Rather it creates a feeling of drowsiness which eventually creates the perfect condition for melatonin secretion and eventually increases the melatonin level in your body. 

Promotes the Feeling of Calmness and Relaxation. 

An ambient red light can significantly change your mood. It numbs your thoughts and makes you feel relaxed, calm and collected. 

Red lights are not suitable for reading a book or focusing on anything in detail. So, your mind cannot occupy multiple tasks even if you want to. This helps you to clear up your mind and get you ready for bed.

Better and Restful Sleep

Being in RED light for a while before going to bed or while sleeping can offer you a better quality sleep. As discussed before, RED light therapy makes your senses calm and creates a cozy environment. 

And experts always say that creating a restful environment before going to bed is a magic trick to have a better quality and more restful sleep. 

Prevents Sleep Inertia

Sleep inertia is a state of feeling groggy and drowsy right after waking up from sleep. This is actually the transitioning effect after waking up. But this is not a good feeling.

Awakening with sleep inertia is a very tiring feeling and it may seem like sleep deprivation even if you have had a long 8-hours sleep. Sleep inertia is caused when we wake up but our brain is not ready yet to reduce delta waves to prepare for waking up. 

RED light therapy can help you to reduce or prevent sleep inertia. RED light therapy initiates releasing delta waves before you go to bed and sends signals to your brain when your body has had enough good sleep. 

Reduces Muscle Tension

Have you noticed how we feel sore if we do not have a good, deep sleep throughout the night? Exposure in RED light can be a preventive action for that. 

Researchers have found that RED light has the aid to protect human erythrocytes that are found in our blood, diluted and preserved.  Sore muscle causes due to the damage in this particular component that usually occurs when your mind and body has not calmed and relaxed before and during your sleep.

Some Red LED Lights That Promote Better Sleep

If you are not sure about which kind of RED light you should use to promote a good sleep. Then let us help you.

Here are three great RED lights that can help you through your sleeping or prepare you for sleeping better.

Serie Cozy Red Night Light

This Red nightlight is a wall light and it emits a dark red colored uniform light. It has a unique design that emits the light from the outer ring of the light but does not emit light from the middle directly on your eyes. 

This design makes it a perfect buy if you want to make a cozy and calming ambience in your bedroom or hallway. These types of wall lights are great for using in the evening while you are still awake and active but preparing for sleep beforehand. 

Sleep Relief Sleep-Aid Red Night Light

This Red light by Sleep Relief is a motion-sensored night light. This makes a perfect choice for those who tend to have a shallow sleep or feel the urge to get up every now and then. For example, parents with new kids who need to wake up to check on the baby, feed it and so on. 

This motion sensor light will enlighten the hallway, bathroom or corridor for you. But since the light is a soothing red-colored light, it won’t reduce the delta waves. So, you can wake up and still retain that sleepiness. 

Amazon Basics Red Night Light

This RED light is slightly different from the other two we have recommended. This one is an overhead light that emits direct light from the above. 

Thus, this particular Red light is not so suitable for sleep like the previous ones. This is more likely to create an ambience for partying, gossiping or sharing a romantic evening with your partner.  

Although this light is not suitable while sleeping or right before sleeping, it’s a great option for evening light that won’t hamper your night sleep. 

How to Use RED Color Light For The Perfect Ambience

RED lights are great for helping your sleep deprivation. But, that’s not the only purpose of RED light. The intensity of the light, direction and type of bulb, everything altogether acts up to create the suitable mood with a Red light. 

Red Light For Partying

An intense direct RED light from above is the right choice to turn that party mode on. Such ceiling light can cause you to feel tense and a more stressed kind of feeling.

But that’s what you need for a party right? A complete wakefulness and excitement is the mood you want for a party. 

Red Light For Relaxation And Coziness

The right choice of RED light can create a cozy ambience in your bedroom or in the living room. You can share the space with your partner or a friend and binge watch your favorite show while feeling relaxed and connected. 

To make that kind of atmosphere you should go for a low overhead light that will lighten up the small space you share with enough light, but not too bright. 

Red Light To Promote Sleep

If you want to use RED light to help your sleeping only then the best option is a low level warm RED light. Perhaps a wall lamp describes it better. Keep the light on in the activity center while leaving most of the room dark.

Such lighting promotes melatonin secretion faster and makes you feel sleepy. Eventually you can fall asleep faster with such light and hopefully have an intense and restful sleep. 


Sleep deprivation has become a common problem all around the world. There are so many distractions and stress in our day to day life which keeps us up late at night. But we still should try everything in our hand to fix our sleep.

Without a good amount of delta sleep at night, the human body and brain cannot function well throughout the day. Researchers have found a good impact of RED light therapy on people’s sleep pattern and quality. It works even better for children.

So, readers who have been struggling with insomnia or bad sleep, we hope we have brought you a possible solution to your problem. Try out this RED light therapy for 14 consecutive days and don’t forget to inform us how it does its magic on you. 

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