6 Best Lighting Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings – (2023 Guide)

Vaulted ceilings are perfect for optimizing roof space and adding grandeur by creating a sense of dramatic volume in the room. Choosing the right lights for your home’s sloped ceilings will leave a noticeable impact on the overall aesthetic of your interiors.


Different slope designs demand different approaches. For example, high sloped ceilings would benefit the most for pendant lights and spotlights while recessed track lights and track are ideal for barrel or low vaulted ceiling spaces.

In this article, I will not only list and review the best lighting for vaulted ceilings but also briefly discuss different lighting options and tips on how to select the right light to accentuate and brighten up your living space.

Let’s get to it then –

Different Types Of Lighting Solutions for Vaulted Ceilings

Before we get to the reviews, let’s quickly brush up on the basics. In order to determine what type of lighting would be best for vaulted ceilings, you need to be aware of the most frequently used and expert-recommended lighting solutions for sloped ceilings. 

So, here’s a brief summary of different types of modern and contemporary lighting ideas for vaulted ceilings

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are a perfect choice for modern and contemporary homes. The low-profile lights exude elegance and can beautifully complement your vaulted ceiling space while adding an open, airy, and luxurious flair to the room. 

Note that recessed light requires you to cut holes into the ceiling, so it will be best to get them installed by a professional. 

Pendant Lights or Chandeliers

Pendant lights or chandeliers over the kitchen island or dining table are going to be a conversation starter for sure. The design options are virtually unlimited, which makes it easier to find a shade that both matches and elevates the decor of your interior space. 


Spotlights can be a great accent and functional lighting solution for angled ceilings due to their adaptability and the ability to focus the light beam exactly where you need it. These lights are most effective in rooms that do not receive adequate natural lighting. 


Skylights would make a great choice for slanted ceilings with a flat center. When installed in the right place, the transformative power of skylights can blow your mind through that vaulted ceiling of yours. 

Flush Mount Lights

Flush or semi-flush mount lights are a function and lumen-efficient solution for houses with low vault ceilings and small spaces. These lights can create a very clean and classy look and can be easily paired up with pendant lights for additional illumination in large spaces with high vaulted ceilings. 

6 Best Lightings for Vaulted Ceilings

1. TORCHSTAR Gimbal LED Recessed Lighting

TORCHSTAR Gimbal LED Recessed LightinWhen it comes to selecting modern vaulted ceiling lighting, you can’t go wrong with recessed lights like these little bad boys here. The LED recessed lights use 5000k bulbs. That means it casts a bright and crisp blue-white light.

The cool white light of these bulbs is a very practical and dynamic lighting solution for your work as it will help you stay focused without causing eye strain during the daytime.

The dimming range is perfect for me. Unlike my old and lousy dimmable recessed lights, this one doesn’t flicker while dimming. That said, since it’s 5000k, even at the lowest brightness setting, the soft white light can feel a tad too bright to some people.

I had no issues installing the lights on the vaulted ceilings of my living room and kitchen. You don’t need a can to install the lights. Just cut 6” holes and junction the wire into the junction box that comes with it.

The diameter (measured from the outside of the trim) is a little under 7 inches, which makes it a great fit for spaces with minimal clearance.

What makes these gimbal lights particularly ideal for vaulted ceilings is that you can easily adjust the direction of the lights, unlike non-adjustable lights which will shine the light only in the direction of the angle of the slope of your ceiling.

My only minor complaint is that there’s about ⅛” of a gap between the gimbal trim and the faceplate. I wish the gap was smaller. Other than that, it’s a solid 9/10 from me!

  • The gimbal trim allows you to easily adjust the direction of the light.
  • The junction box is invisible when installed correctly.
  • Bright and crisp cool light, perfect for keeping you focused without leading to eye fatigue.
  • Ideal for spaces with small clearance.
  • The gap between the gimbal trim and the faceplate could be smaller.

2. Cuaulans Crystal Ceiling Pendant Lighting

Cuaulans Crystal Pendant Light

Those who know me personally are aware of my fascination with pendant lights. They are just so outrageously pretty, how can you not fall in love with them? 

These stunning pendant lights are a total steal! The modern minimalist aesthetic of the lights will be a stunning addition to your remodeled barrel vault living room ceiling. 

You can install them on your sloped ceiling without having to make any special tweaks. However, if you are not confident about your handyman skills, I’d suggest letting an electrician take care of the installation. 

If you’re a DIY savvy like me and usually great at following instructions, you can install the lights yourself in about 15 minutes or less. The included mounting hardware is basic, which doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the paltry price. 

My research tells me that you’ll have to manually position all the screws to pass through the plates, which would be time-consuming. Expect to see a few screws missing. Count the screws before you start installing so that you don’t have to pause midway to make a quick trip to the hardware store. The pendants are compatible with E26 bulbs. 

Note that it doesn’t come with bulbs. If the dimming feature is a must-have for you, I’d suggest buying smart LED bulbs with a dimmer switch. Consider having these set up by an electrician if you are going to add a dimmer switch. 

  • Clean, modern look adds glamor and grandeur to kitchen islands, pool table, and dining room with vaulted ceilings.
  • Incredibly budget-friendly.
  • Best suited for high vaulted ceilings.
  • The cord length is adjustable for the ease of installation.
  • The mounting bracket quality could be better.
  • The instructions aren’t clear, which is why getting an electrician to set these up would be your safest bet unless you know exactly what you’re doing.


3. DLLT 4-Light Led Track Lighting Kit

DLLT Modern LED 4 Light Track Lighting Kit

Track lights are an excellent choice for slanted ceilings as they can be installed easily on sloped surfaces without much hard work. Moreover, these lights let you illuminate the awkward corners easily.

It can function as both an ambient light as well as a task light, depending on how you angle the fixtures. It comes with 4 super LED lights, bright enough for living rooms and work environments.

You can also swap them out with higher-watt GU10 spotlight bulbs if you need more illumination.

This one scores an A+ for flexibility. You can extend its arm and rotate the head (both vertically and horizontally) to aim the lights in any direction you want, making it a fantastic choice for the key areas of the house such as dining space and living room with vaulted ceilings.

Although it doesn’t have a dimmer switch, you can keep most parts of the room dimmed by focusing the lights in one direction, if needed. It’s not ideal but it’s a trade-off I can live with, considering the price. Installation is straightforward for the most part.

The only tricky part is aligning the mounting bracket with the electrical box. It’s because the bracket is slightly wider than standard US electrical boxes. So, unless you possess solid handyman skills, get in touch with a pro electrician to help you out.

  • Flexible arm and head let you aim the light in any direction you want.
  • The 4 spotlights on the vaulted ceiling add a beautiful definition to the room.
  • The 3w LEDs are bright enough for kitchen and workspaces.
  • Sturdy hardware.
  • GU10 bulbs can be changed in a heartbeat.
  • You might need to call an electrician for installation as the mounting brackets are a bit too wide for US electrical boxes.
  • No dimmer switch.


4. DAYCENT Pendant Ceiling Lighting

DAYCENT Pendant Ceiling Hanging Light

These sleek and stylish statement lights with extendable rods would make a great lighting solution for both low and high-vaulted ceilings.

However, since these don’t come with an adapter for sloped ceilings, the installation is going to be a bit tricky, but if you have exposed beams on your ceilings or vaulted ceiling with a flat center, you can mount them without a problem. 

The lights come with 4 rods with custom lengths, with the shortest rod being 6”, allowing a min distance of 18” from top to the bottom of the shade.

If you don’t like the look of bulbs sticking out, you need to buy compact bulbs like A15 bulbs with E26 base. 3” bulbs would do the trick, in my opinion. My colleague has these lights installed in the dining area and I must admit that I’m mighty impressed with how stunning it looks. 

It’s also equipped with a dimmer switch that lets you create a cozy, relaxing ambience, perfect for watching TV or enjoying a romantic dinner on a Sunday night. 

If you choose a high-wattage bulb (max 60w supported), the frosted glass will ensure enough illumination for tasks like reading, crafts, knitting, and cooking. 

  • Height from the ceiling is adjustable.
  • Installation instructions are very clear.
  • The alabaster glass shades would be a brilliant addition to modern rustic spaces.
  • compatible with dimmer switch.
  • Doesn’t come with an adapter for vaulted ceilings. You must have beams on your sloped ceilings to be able to mount these lights.


5. Femony Pendant Light

Femony Pendant Light

Looking to brighten up your living space with an elegant retro-style lighting fixture? The suave design and matte black finish on these pendant lights could help add that magical, unmistakable, captivating vintage flair to your home decor. 

You can also install these alongside the recessed lights on your vaulted ceiling to create perfect layered lighting which would add more depth and texture to your room decor. 

The lights can easily adjust to sloped ceilings without an adapter. Like all standard pendant lights, this one too is equipped with an E26 base socket and the max supported wattage is 40w. 

I would recommend getting dimmable vintage-style daylight or warm white LEDs bulbs to double down on the vintage aesthetic. The fixture is lightweight and the instructions are well laid out, so the installation should be quick and easy. 

You will find all the necessary hardware included in the package. The cord provided with the lights is ridiculously long, so you will most likely have to trim it. 

I wish there was no fabric cover on the cord though as it makes adjusting the height a bit difficult. I am not a big fan of how wavy the cord looks though. You have to give it a few days to straighten itself out. Overall, a terrific purchase for the money if you can overlook the minor shortcomings.

  • Super easy installation.
  • Easily adapts to vaulted ceilings without any adapter.
  • The design allows a lot of light to pass through.
  • Compatible with dimmable LED bulbs.
  • Vintage chic aesthetic of the lights makes it a stellar choice for contemporary as well as rustic settings.
  • The cord is excessively long and bendy. Give it a few days and it will straighten itself out.


6.Weesalife Sputnik Chandeliers

Weesalife Sputnik Chandeliers

The next addition on this list is a guaranteed conversation starter. Ideal for vaulted ceilings with a flat center, industrial-style pendant light houses 10 lamp heads. 

It has a standard E26 base, meaning you have the liberty to choose from a variety of bulb styles to achieve the desired look. It also comes with a dimmer switch. Dim it all the way down to create a soft ambient light and turn it all the way up for reading or work. 

It comes with an adapter to help you mount the light on vaulted ceilings with ease. Thanks to the fully adjustable arm, you can aim the lights in any direction you want. 

You can also adjust the height by choosing the right rod length from the three rod options (8″, 12″, and 16″). Installation is delightfully simple. For a statement light that looks as elegant and luxurious as this one, the price is quite reasonable. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that the light looks way more expensive than it actually is. 

The open and airy look of the shiny brass lamp with multiple lamp heads is sure to elevate the overall appearance of your kitchen island, living room, or workspace. 

  • Spectacular, uber-luxurious design.
  • Despite the premium look, it doesn’t break the bank.
  • Bulbs can be replaced easily.
  • Comes with a dimmer switch.
  • Adjustable height and direction.
  • Could be a bit flashy for someone looking for something more delicate to match their minimalist interior.


How to Choose the Right Light for Vaulted Ceilings

Still unsure about how to pick a light fixture that complements vaulted ceilings? I get it and I got you covered. Below is a checklist of criteria I followed to narrow down my choices –


Some  light for vaulted ceilings comes with adapters for slanted ceilings. If the product you’re for doesn’t have adapters, make sure the design is flexible enough to let you mount the light on angled surfaces without needing any serious modifications. 


Lights with swiveling arms and rotating heads are the most effective functional lighting as they let you shine the light on the key areas of the room while keeping the rest of the space dimly lit. If you’re going for pendant lights or chandeliers, go for a model with a variable height option for a headache-free installation experience.

Brightness Level and Dimming Effect 

Not all ceiling lights come with bulbs or a dimmer switch. But you always have the option to buy smart LEDs with dimming functions for your specific needs. 

Apart from the brightness level and adjustability, also factor is the ease of replacing the bulbs. I find GU10 LED bulbs much easier to change than the standard E26 bulbs. 


If you are going for recessed lights, it’s best to call for professional help since it involves drilling a hole into the wall. On the other hand, i you are looking for lights that can be installed in a jiffy, spotlights and pendant lights would be good options to look into. 

In Conclusion

That brings us to the end of this in-depth discussion on the best lighting for vaulted ceilings. Sloped ceilings need to be celebrated with the right kind of lighting. 

Factor in the type of look you are going for, the size of your room, and the style of your slanted ceiling before making a decision, and you should be able to find something that matches your style in no time!

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