15 Unique Gaming Room Led Lighting You Should Own In 2023

Having the most rigid gaming setup can’t solve the dull atmosphere of your room without proper lighting. Setting up your room’s lighting is as important as building a beast PC to create a wholesome gaming atmosphere. 


LED lights are best for gaming rooms as they are safe and consume less electricity. You can always keep them on without worrying about any dangerous scenario (overheating and fire). That being said, if you’re looking for some of the best ideas on LED lighting for a gaming room – you’ve come to the right place. 

Follow this article to know up to 15 types of LED lighting solutions you can apply for decorating your gaming room for maximum enjoyment. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

15 Best LED Lighting Options For Gaming Room

1. Govee RGBIC Monitor Backlight

Step up your room’s LED lighting with the Govee RGBIC DreamView G1 backlight. It’s the superior version of regular LED light strips as it’s integrated with Neon & RGBIC technology. 

Depending on your mood, you can have numerous lighting combinations with the help of the Govee Home App. As you can sync G1 with other Govee lighting products & they will give you an amazing gaming atmosphere altogether. 

For the 1080p camera & a game-match algorithm, you can see your LED strip is changing color matching the content of your screen. Fortunately, the camera won’t be interrupting your gameplay as it will be hanging on top of the monitor.

The installation process is pretty simple & anybody can do it with ease. That’s why if you’re looking for something better & responsive than RGB light strips, you can get Govee G1 for a better lighting experience while you game. 

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2. Govee RGBIC Gaming Lighting Bars

If you want an extra-ordinary look in your gaming room setup, consider using Govee RGBIC gaming light bars. These bars are very bright & they look fabulous no matter where you use them. 

You can install these light bars on the desktop facing toward you, or you can also use these bars facing toward the wall to create mesmerizing lighting effects. Each of the light bars is 16.7 inches & uses RGBIC technology. 

With RGBIC technology, one LED can show several lights simultaneously, creating a great combination. You can control this lighting through the controller or AI assistant (Google Assistant and Alexa). Also, these bars react with music and it makes them more lively. 

That being said, if you want something great for your desk, Govee RGBIC gaming light bars will be your best option. 

3. LED Strip Lights

Most gamers choose to use LED strip lights all over their room as it’s affordable & easy to do solution. Despite being cheap or inexpensive, LED light strips surely enhance the gaming room experience. 

Different types of LED light strips are available, but RGB and RGBIC are the favorite options among gamers. You can use LED light strips in various locations, such as – the back of the desk, underneath the desk, room ceiling, in the wall corner, and even on the floor.

You can use diffusers with the RGB light strips of your wall, ceiling, or floor to give your room a more aesthetic look. You can also make LED strip lights respond to music and change colors if they are smart strips with a built-in microphone. 

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4. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

You can give your gaming room a futuristic look by installing NanoLeaf. You can have your own design layout without drilling holes in your room. Nanoleaf uses double-sided tape for installation & it’s totally safe for your room paint. 

One of the greatest features of Nanoleaf is screen mirroring. With this feature, you can get an immersive gaming experience as Nanoleaf will mimic the screen color & it will be done through an app.  

The ease of installation and the ability to control the lights with voice commands or through the Nanoleaf App makes it even more convenient. It’s a great way to personalize your space and make it truly your own. 

5. Neon Sign LED Light

Neon sign LED lights can add a unique and visually striking touch to a gaming room. As they are bright & vibrant, you will feel energetic keeping them around. You can add funny or sarcastic signs in your room to make it more personal. 

If you like streaming, a customized Neon Sign LED light can work as a great background. Neon lights consume significantly less energy & the lifespan is excellent; that’s why you can consider getting a Neon Sign LED light for your gaming room.

6. Govee Neon Rope Lights

If you want to create your own design on the wall through Neon light, Govee Neon Rope is for you. There are two sizes available for Govee Neon Rope & they are 10ft and 32.8ft. With this much length, you can quickly form any design or sign on your wall. 

You can use Google Assistant or Alexa to control Govee Neon Rope Lights. Also, you can keep these Neon rope lights on sound sync. Basically, these lights will receive the sound(music & gaming audio) through the built-in microphone & will produce a reactive lighting system for thrilling home entertainment moments. 

7. Govee Glide RGBIC LED Wall Lights

If you want a unique yet wonderful lighting atmosphere, Glide RGBIC LED Wall Lights are for you. You can hang these lights on your wall & customize them as you like. 

As these wall lights react with the music, you are sure to enjoy a brilliant gaming experience with these wall lights being hyperactive. 

With over 40 scene modes & 12 music modes, you won’t feel bored illuminating these LED wall lights. The installation process of these LED wall lights is also easy & you’ll get some corner lights for easily handling the corner. 

Overall, if you are sure to decorate the walls from scratch – do it with Govee Glide RGBIC LED wall light and you can expect excellent service from it. 

8. Hexagon Light Panels

Hexagon light panels are similar to NanoLeaf but are of hexagonal design instead of triangular. You can add & remove those hexagonal plates to make your desired design & length without any problem. To be fair, both Hexagon & NanoLeaf look fantastic when they are installed correctly.

I recommend getting JIMIMORO 8-Pack Hexagon Light Panels for a gaming room. You can keep them turned on 24/7 & they won’t add up much to your electricity bill – thanks to the energy efficiency of these light panels. Also, you can control the brightness, allowing you to dim the lights whenever you want. 

You can choose from the 200 decoration mode and 16M colors with the Magic Lantern App. Please keep in mind that these Hexagon Light Panels will consume a significant amount of space on your wall & requires a constant electricity supply. 

9. LED Projector

A LED light projector can be a great addition to a gaming room. It can provide a unique and immersive experience by creating dynamic lighting effects on the ceiling or on the side of the wall.

This kind of background effect is great for gaming, as it will give you a hyper-focused environment. One of the key features of a LED light projector is the ability to adjust the brightness, colors, and rotation speed through remote control. Keep all the effects of your projector on a loop at a specified speed with a LED light projector.

10. Corner Floor Lamp

Add extra spiciness to your gaming room by adding corner floor lamps. You’ll notice the corner side of your room remains ignored most of the time & it doesn’t look good. That is why you may consider getting several corner floor lamps for your room to give it a complete look.

The corner floor lamp I suggest is Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp. This 53.7″ inches lamp is excellent for bedroom and gaming room usage. You can control the RGB lighting of your gaming room through the app & AI assistants (Google Assistant and Alexa). 

These corner floor lamps come with built-in microphones & which help them to process sounds. Later on, the music mode of these lamps creates the visual effect of the sound (music or gaming sound) you’re enjoying & it feels great.

11. Infinity Dodecahedron Table Desk Lamp

One of the coolest addition to your gaming room can be the E.P Infinity Dodecahedron Table Desk Lamp. This lamp looks incredible & only consumes a little desk space. Though this lamp has no music sensitivity, you can play 365 light show mode in an automatic mood. 

Or, you can choose your preferable light color combination & activate it through the remote control. The futuristic look this table desk lamp can bring is unmatched by other lighting options. You can see an infinity mirror-like illusion with this E.P. table desk & it looks extraordinary for sure. 

12. RGB Light Headset Stand

Yes, you can even use your headset stand to add some extra splash of LED color to your room. Why use a boring colorless headset stand when you can get an RGB light headset stand at a favorable price? 

RGB Light Headset Stand creates a gaming atmosphere by default. Also, it comes with 10 different lighting modes to match your mood & game type. Like most other RGB products, you’ll have to keep this lighting option connected to the power outlet & you’re good to go. 

13. Lighting Shelves

If you have a shelve & that looks very pale in your colorful room, you may consider using lighting in your shelve as well. Not only it will remove the boring feel of your shelve – it will enhance the aesthetic vibe of your room. 

Installation of these lights is pretty straightforward – peel off the 3M adhesive & stick them underneath your shelve. There are several color options & 4 dynamic modes available so that you don’t feel bored with your light shelves and gaming room.

14. Playstation Icons Light

One of the cutest decorations for a gaming room is using Playstation Icon Light. Paladone Playstation Icons Light has a reactive to music option, and 3 different light modes. You can switch from one mode to another using the built-in switch (There’s no remote control option). 

Talking about the reactive-to-music option, it’s not that satisfactory. This PlayStation icons light is promised to change color with the music’s beat using the built-in microphone. However, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s why I prefer keeping these icons light at static & it will add extra lighting effect on your desk or shelve.

15. Illusion Lamp

The FULLOSUN Illusion Lamp is one of the coolest & unique lighting options for a gaming room. The lamp features a laser-engraved optical acrylic flat board that creates a unique 3D visual effect of a gamepad when lit up. 

This 3D lamp also has 4 different modes of color flashing and can be dimmed to create the perfect lighting for any gaming scenario. Additionally, the lamp is powered by either 3 AAA batteries or through a USB connection. This dual power option makes it easy to move around easily. 

I must say, this 3D night light is the perfect gift for any gamer. I promise you won’t be disappointed even if you gift this illusion lamp to yourself – it’s that extraordinarily great!

Advantages of LED Lighting in a Gaming Room

Decorating a gaming room with proper LED lighting can be costly sometimes & can make you wonder – is it really necessary? In this segment, I will explain the advantages of LED lighting in a gaming room. 

1. Elevate Your Surroundings

You can dramatically change the looks of your surroundings by adding some LED lights. It’s like a day and night difference between LED lights gaming room vs. a Non-LED lights gaming room. As adding LEDs in your room confirms a new look & elevated surroundings, you should definitely add some.  

2. LED Lighting Adds Personality

Not everyone’s taste is the same & it’s normal. How can you create your own taste signature in your room if there is no customizable lighting option? With various type of LED lighting decoration option, you can easily pick those option that suits & enhances your personality. 

LED lighting allows you to set the right mood accordingly by creating a unique environment. Lighting plays a vital role in how we feel from time to time & that’s why you should consider getting good lighting options for your gaming room. 

3. LED lighting is Energy Efficient & Long Lifespan

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs or CFL bulbs, LED light draws very little electricity. This power-saving behavior encourages gamers to add more and more lighting products to their room as it won’t add up much to the electricity bill. 

You can also expect a minimum of 20,000 hours of illumination from any LED. This number can go as much as 50,000 to 100,000 hours depending on the LED lights you use in your gaming room.

5. Various Colors & Brightness Levels

The core purpose of decorating a gaming room with LEDs is to make it colorful and bright. With almost every led lighting product, you’ll get color-changing & brightness-adjustment options. These options are necessary as you won’t be in the mood of having too bright or the same color lighting all the time. 

6. Low Heat Emission

You’re decorating your room & it’s important to keep your PC and PC components safe and free from heat or fire. As LEDs emit very low heat, there is no chance of overheating and catching fire with these lighting products.

How To Choose The Right LED Lighting For your Gaming Room

The LED lighting market is flooding with various types of LEDs trying to get your attention. That’s why it’s essential to know how to choose the right LED lighting for your gaming room. 

1. Consider The Size & Layout of The Room

You must check the size & layout of your room first. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose your lighting products. For example, if your wall features a lot of free space – you can easily use products like NanoLeaf or Hexagon Light Panels. Otherwise, you can’t and shouldn’t use them. 

Besides free space, you also need to know your room’s correct layout. Because some products require direct electricity connection & that’s why need to know the power outlets locations beforehand. 

2. Decide Where To Install Your Lights

After confirming the free spaces you can allocate for lighting products, it’s time to decide where to install them exactly. You can’t just use any LED lighting products anywhere. Everything has its own place to be in. So, choose where to install your lights first. 

3. Choose your Color Scheme

You can’t just create an unintentional rainbow effect on your room & call it a day. Color scheme preference varies from person to person. So, know your type before ordering a bunch of lighting products. 

The best color temperature for a gaming room is somewhere between 3000K to 4500k. With this color temperature, you can keep yourself alert or conscious during any gameplay. 

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4. Think About The Type Of Game You Play

If you’re a hardcore gamer playing high CPU-demanding games, you’ll like strong & highly responsive LED lighting. If you’re on the casual game part, it’s better to stick to soft LED lighting products.

5. Your Budget

Finally, consider the most important aspect before choosing LEDs for your gaming room & it is the budget. Though LED lights consume less energy, the price of LEDs when purchasing is high. So, you’ll have to consider your budget before decorating the room with LEDs. 


I hope this article was helpful enough to give LED lighting ideas for a gaming room. The products & categories I’ve mentioned are well-reviewed & you won’t be disappointed purchasing or testing them.

LED lights can bring life to your gaming room and it will give you an extra self-confidence boost while you play. The pleasure you’ll get from decorating your gaming room won’t be limited to gaming, as you can also enjoy an immersive experience while enjoying movies or music.

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