How Bright is 800 Lumens? And When to Use Them


800 lumen is equivalent to 60 watts of incandescent light. That’s a lot of light. So 800 lumens is definitely bright enough for most needs. It’s bright enough to see when you’re working in a well-lit office, and it’s suitable to handle most tasks.

However, in this guide about how bright is 800 lumens, we’ll tell you what to expect when using this level of brightness.

How Bright is 800 Lumens?

When I was talking with some friends about how bright is 800 lumens, they all had different perspectives on the answer. Some people felt that it was plenty bright for most needs, while others said that they would need to supplement the light with another source.

What’s actually true is that 800 lumens are bright enough for most needs. It’s powerful and efficient so that it can handle various tasks with ease. However, When I tried to see what 800 lumens looked like and how bright it was, I found that it provided a good brightness in my bathroom.

I could see everything clearly. But don’t think it was extra bright. Overall, the perfect word that can describe 800 lumens brightness for general usage, I can say it’s “decent.”

To make you understand more about the brightness, here is a table of 800 lumens to watts.

Type Of Bulb 800 Lumens To Watts Bulb efficiency variation
Incandescent 56 Watts Average energy efficiency between 12 lumens per watt (lm/W) and 18 lumens per watt.
Halogen 39 Watts Average energy efficiency between 16 lumens per watt (lm/W) and 29 lumens per watt.
CFL 17 Watts Average energy efficiency is between 40 lumens per watt (lm/W) and 60 lumens per watt.
LED 9 Watts Average energy efficiency is between 80 lumens per watt (lm/W) and 100 lumens per watt.


How Far Can 800 lumens Reach? 

I know those who have read this blog post might be wondering how far the 800 lumens can reach. This is because some of us are not sure if 800 lumens is bright enough to be used in a large area.

Well, according to the table above, and considering its wattage, 800 lumens can reach a distance of about 200 meters. But keep in mind that the actual brightness will be higher at a closer range.

The more the distance, the less amount of brightness you’re going to be able to receive.

Where Can I use 800 lumens light? Some real-life examples

Now, I am going to discuss a very important question which is some people might be wondering about where they can use the 800 lumens light. Well, there are many places where this kind of light can be put to good use. Such as:

Bedroom: Generally, 1 lumen is equivalent to the brightness of 1 candle. Can you imagine 800 candle lights lit up at once? It would be incredibly bright for a small space. And that’s what 800 lumens can do in a room. Though it’s been proven that an 800 lumens bulb will cover 200 meters of distance, I would recommend using it within 150 meters.

Bike Light: More and more people are adopting biking as a sport. And with biking, you will need to be able to see the path in front of you while riding. If your bike light is not bright enough, it can be quite dangerous for both you and other drivers around you.

That’s where 800 lumens comes in handy because it provides sufficient brightness that allows riders to ride safely at night or during low-light conditions.

Entrance Light:  In order to safely enter your home or office at night, it is important that you have bright light. And 800 lumens can provide just that. Simply place the light in front of your door, and this will enhance the security of your home or office.

Camping: When you’re camping, you will want to make sure that you have a light source with which to see in the dark. 800 lumens is perfect for this purpose, too, because it provides sufficient brightness that allows campers to see their campsite before they walk on it.

Flashlight: Another usage of 800 lumens in everyday life is as a flashlight.


Can I use 800 lumens light as the main ceiling light?

Many home improvement stores sell 800-lumen light bulbs as the main ceiling light. But wait, if you want to use this type of bulb in the main ceiling light, then think twice. It’s a BIG no from me because 800-lumen bulbs are for general uses, such as the flashlight and small area coverage not for main ceiling light fixtures.

When you place it at that top, the distance between the ground and ceiling is broad, so the light output is diminished. Again, covering a large area with bright light is fine, but aiming for a specific spot diminishes its effectiveness.

At 1 ft from the light bulb and 10 feet from the subject doesn’t take into account that LEDs emit very focused, point-like beams of light. Basically, the light spreads out from the LED and diminishes in brightness as it travels away from the fixture.


So, now you know how bright is 800 Lumens can be. It’s an excellent level for emergencies and camping trips as well as everyday use.

Even though 800 lumens might not seem like a lot, you can use the right modifications to make this light as bright as possible. Share this article with your friends and family to help them choose the right light source when they need it.

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