Best Nightstand Lamps To Illuminate Your Bedroom Beautifully


Total darkness or too much light can hamper sleep.

Having a soft glowing lamp on your bedside can help you fall asleep slowly without straining your eyes.

That’s why we carefully reviewed some of the best nightstand lamps available. They are sleek, classy, and super functional.

It was hard to stick to the top 10 list, but eventually, these lamps made their place here.

Check them out!!

Top 10 NightStand Bedside Lamp 2023

1. AMPULLA Masdio 

Ampulla Masdio is a hit LED lamp and is more commonly known as the ‘light of tree’. It has a beautifully crafted design resembling a lighted tree that can soothe you right before you sleep. Moreover, it has a built-in speaker and wireless charging station.

The lamp is lightweight, slim, and modern. The whole thing is made of plastic, except the lampshade which is a cherry wood strip. This wooden shade is the USP of the product as it changes the whole mood of your bedroom.

The most impressive feature is the stepless dimming. Just roll your fingers over the dots and you can lower or increase the brightness effortlessly. That’s the reason we consider it one of the best nightstand lamps ever!

If you keep your phone on the charging dock which is the base of the lamp, it starts charging wirelessly. Any smartphone that supports Qi wireless charging like iPhone 13 and even AirPods will work with this.

There’s an indicator that lets you know about the state of charging. Orange when the charger is not used, blinking orange when the device isn’t placed properly, and blue when it’s charging.

We are generally skeptical about built-in speakers in any non-audio devices. The Bluetooth speaker on this lamp won’t perform like a JBL. However, the sound quality is up to the mark and offers a soft and nice audio experience. Perfect for nighttime conditions.


  • Miticulately designed with a wooden shade for soft and soothing light.
  • Wirelessly charge any device that supports Qi charging.
  • Change brightness effortlessly with just a touch on the designated dots.
  • Clear and effective Bluetooth speaker to listen to audio as you sleep.


  • It’s fairly lightweight and so you should keep your child away as it can fall with a moderate push.


2. Yarra Bedside Lamp

If you loved the Ampulla lamp, you’ll surely love the Yarra lamp. Yarra is simpler with calm light and USB charging option. This would complement almost any type of decor and bedside table.

The shade of the lamp is made of linen fabric and the color is beige. So, the light comes off soft and safe for the eyes. The base might look like wood, but apart from the shade, the entire thing is made from metal.

The genius behind the design is the touch activation. All you have to do is touch it anywhere on the base or the pole and the light will turn on at its lowest. And then as you keep on touching again it will go from low-medium-high and then turn off.

The lamp has two built-in USB charging ports that can charge phones, kindles, and whatnot. The quality of the charger, as well as the lamp, is top-notch as a lot of the users have been using it for years without issues.

The only thing that could need a replacement is the LED bulb itself. You can easily find a replacement bulb at a cheap price.

As far as any negative sides to the product, there’s one small design flaw. The touch sensor is also equipped on the pole. So, every time you try to move the light holding the pole, the brightness changes. But that’s not a big deal.


  • Beige linen fabric lampshade keeps the light soft and easy for the eyes.
  • Super easy to turn on/off or change the brightness by just touching any part of the lamp.
  • Small base of just 5.9-in takes up minimal space on your bedside table.
  • Charge two devices at the same time with USB cable.
  • Durability tested for longe term use.


  • When trying to move the lamp, the light keeps changing modes as the touch sensor is also on the pole. 


3. Megan Modern Table Lamps

Need a simple night lamp? We recommend Megan Modern lamp. It is a set of two lamps that can illuminate your bedroom without straining your eyes. Perfect for nighttime reading and relaxing.

The height of this lamp is perfect at 26.5-in. The cross frame is made from bronze and can blend into almost any kind of decor. As such, Megan is in our opinion one of the best bedside table lamps you can buy.

The lamp comes with a 9.5-watt LED bulb. It’s equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. It’s just bright enough for reading but soft for the eyes.

You can find the power button on the base itself. There’s also a USB charging port that makes your life easier as you can charge your smartphone or kindle without having to plug in an additional charger.

If you are confused as to what color is the lamp shade, it’s definitely not white as it seems from the pictures. It’s more of a tan brown. The bronze frame has a dark chocolate brown finish.

One flaw we noticed is the lamp can slide around a bit as it has a fabric cover underneath. Any cheap rubbers pads will fix this issue.


  • Simple and practical design to use regularly as a bedside table lamp.
  • USB charging port eliminates the need for an additional charger for your device.
  • Easy to on/off switch built into the base.


  • The lamp has a tendency to slide as the bottom is backed by fabric. Any cheap rubber pads can be used to solve the issue.


4. Touch Control Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal table lamps are nothing new. However, you might not have one yet. These lamps provide beautiful sparkles keeping the light soft and relaxing at the same time. But this particular crystal lamp is upgraded and modernized.

The whole lamp is made of metal and the shade has crystals in it. It’s built with 130 k9 crystals which are of high quality. So, you won’t experience those annoying glares commonly associated with crystals, but only soft sparkles.

Controlling the light is extremely easy. All you have to do is touch anywhere on the lamp and it will change brightness and lead to turning it on/off. No more trouble finding the power button in the dark.

The lamp stands at 12.5-in tall which is good enough as a nightstand lamp. If you are worried about the power cord, it is 58-in which is like 5ft. So, it can easily reach outlets near your bed. Moreover, this lamp has two power outlets to charge your devices.

The lamp uses two LED bulbs which can be replaced later on. They emit a soft warm 2700k light. So, they are not the brightest to be used for reading but are perfect for relaxing on the bed.


  • Made with high-quality k9 crystals for sparkling soft light.
  • Touch anywhere on the metal surface to control brightness and power.
  • Dual power outlet makes it easy to charge devices right from the bed.
  • Long enough power cord can reach outlets near the bed without needing an extension cord.


  • Not as bright as expected, so you can’t read books with it. But good enough for the purpose of relaxing.


5. Brightever Touch Bedside Table Lamps

Brightever has an interesting design with two LED bulbs, one on top inside the shade and the other at the bottom. This combination creates a different kind of atmosphere in your bedroom and also allows you to read at night.

The entire thing is made of metal. Whereas, the bulbs are LED. One is A19 LED and another is ST64 LED. You also get a spare LED of each of these types for replacement in the future.

The top bulb is shaded and it is not dimmable. You have a rotary switch that acts as a power button for the top light. The bottom LED has an Edison bulb design and is dimmable. You can touch anywhere on the lamp like the base and pole to adjust brightness and turn it on/off.

Both of these bulbs are 2700K and give off warm white light of 800 lumens. You can use the bottom LED for reading, but it can get extremely bright when kept at its highest settings. We recommend keeping it at low or medium.

This lamp allows you to charge two devices using USB ports on the side of the base. The ports work great but they are a bit tight and you will struggle a little to put your cables in.


  • Individually controlled top and bottom LEDs are versatile for relaxing and reading.
  • You can touch control the bottom LED effortlessly.
  • Extra two LED bulbs are provided for hassle-free replacement in future.
  • Dual USB ports to charge devices right from the comfort of bed.


  • The USB port is a little light, but the cables stay securely.


6. Govee Smart Table Lamp

While single-colored lamps look classy, a smart lamp like Govee can make your bedroom look ultra-modern. The RGBIC technology allows the lamp to display multiple colors simultaneously, making it one of the best nightstand lamps these days.

This smart lamp can be controlled through an app using both Bluetooth and wifi. If that’s not enough, you can connect this with Alexa or Google assistant for easier control. The govee lamp can fit into any smart home ecosystem.

Apart from multiple color displays, the lighting presets of this lamp really stands out. These presets include unique effects like firefly dancing, stormy clouds, and a lot of them to really enjoy different moods.

Overall, there are 43 scene modes. The ability to finger sketch color patterns on the lamp panel is a feature that kids are gonna love. So, this could be easily a good kid room nightstand lamp.

If you want to just illuminate your room, you can keep it at white. The white color on RGBIC lights is not pure white and that’s a trade-off you have to make. You can dim the lamp to your liking. However, on color preset modes, the lamp doesn’t dim too much.


  • Effortlessly control with app or voice assistant using Bluetooth or wifi.
  • RGBIC technology displays multiple colors for beautiful lighting.
  • Lots of unique presets and scene modes for different moods and situations.
  • Ability to program the lamp to perform various predefined functions


  • On preset modes, the brightness doesn’t go too low. So, it can be an issue while sleeping.


7. Toy Story Stick Table Kids Lamp

While you can install any nightstand lamp for your kid’s room, it’s always great to have something kid-friendly. The lamps from Idea Nuova feature 15 themed child-friendly lamps including this Toy Story version.

The Toy Story printed graphics are pretty large on the shade. This would make any child smile and want this in their room. You can use your own bulb inside to get customized lighting.

We loved the simplicity of this lamp. It has the classic pull-chain design to turn the light off/on. Moreover, it’s just powered by a usual cable than can be plugged into any wall outlet.

The size of the lamp is 20” H and 8” W. So, it’s just a standard bedside table lamp that can fit into any nightstand in your kid’s room. The only thing that could have been improved is the length of the cord needed to be a bit longer.


  • 15 kid-friendly themes available with big size prints.
  • Metal base is durable and keeps the lamp stable.
  • Pull chain system for power makes it easy to use for kids.
  • Ideal dimensions to fit into any bedside table.


  • The cord length could have been a  bit longer. But you can always use a cord extension.


8. Signature Design by Ashley

The designer lamp from Ashley has a sophisticated look to it. If you have furniture that matches the color of the lamp, you should have this in your bedroom.

The lamp is made from polyresin and carefully crafted to give that antique finish. The color has a mix of black, gray, and brown which creates an interesting appearance. The shade of the lamp is tan rather than pure white.

One of the coolest things the lamp has is the 3 way LED bulb fixture. You can use regular A-type bulbs or 3-way bulbs to enjoy various brightness and wattages.

When you pick up the lamp, you won’t find it too heavy as it looks. So, you can move it around without stress. The cord length is 7.5ft and that’s long enough to go into your nearby wall outlets.

Comparing with similar other lamps on the market, we found the Ashley designer lamp to be fairly priced. The quality when compared to the price is good. The only issue we found is the colors aren’t consistent and there could be a slight variation on different orders.


  • 3-way bulb fixture to create amazing lighting conditions.
  • Antique finish with a weathered finish is perfect for rustic decor.
  • Not much heavy, so you can move it around with ease.
  • Long power cord is suitable for plugging in directly to a wall outlet


  • The colors on the lamp might vary with each purchase.


9. O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp

The low profile design and soft downward lighting make is the hallmark of the O’Bright lamp. It’s one of our favorites on our list of the best nightstand lamp. Moreover, it’s also portable & rechargeable.

The lamp has a pedestal design with 90% made of metal and only the part that illuminates is plastic. It casts light downward and so even if you are close to it, the light won’t reach your eyes.

The lamp is single-colored and offers 3000K soft white light. It can reach 150 lumens at maximum brightness. Brightness is adjustable between 20%, 50%, and 100%. All you have to do is touch the lamp and the brightness shifts.

Because it is rechargeable and has a small footprint, you can carry it anywhere with you. It has a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to 48 hours. You can use the provided USB adapter or recharge it through devices using any USB cable.

The reason why people loved O’Bright light is that it’s versatile. You are not limited to using it just as a nightstand lamp. If you want a moody cross-table conversation, just keep the light on the table. You can even read with it at its highest setting.

One thing that could have been improved is the weight of the lamp. It’s lightweight and that’s the reason it can tip over with moderate touch.


  • Designed to cast soft light downward as such less strain on the eyes.
  • Easily control brightness on 3 levels by touching the lamp.
  • Rechargeable battery & low profile design makes it truly portable.
  • Can be used while recharging like a normal lamp.


  • The lightweight design makes it tip or fall over at moderate force.


10. Kiampon Modern Spiral LED Table Lamp

If you were looking for a modern nightstand lamp, grab the Kiampon spiral lamp. The spiral shape means the light will be circulated in different directions illuminating both your bed and surrounding. 

The entire thing is made of aluminum alloy. So, it looks sleek and delicate. Its elegant design could turn any dull bedroom into life. The base is electroplated and as such has a smooth and reflective finish.

Controlling is easy. There’s a switch attached to the power cord. You’’ find a touch sensor button it. On short presses, it will change color temperatures and on long-pressing it, the brightness will change.

There are three color temperatures. You can make it look yellow and warm at 3000K or make it much whiter at 4000K and 5000K. The maximum brightness this lamp can reach is 450 lumens. But you can steplessly adjust the brightness from 10%-100%.

Although we couldn’t find any negatives for this lamp, some users were unhappy because of the omnidirectional light. But that’s what is. You can always decrease the brightness to make it easy on the eyes.


  • Aluminum curved structures makes it look aesthetically pleasing.
  • 3 color temperatures for sleeping, reading, and working.
  • Dim the light exactly you want using the touch sensor on the switch.


  • Some users didn’t like the idea that the light illuminates in different directions.


Things to Consider When Buying Nightstand Lamps

1. Design and Aesthetics

The first thing anyone would consider when buying nightstand lamps is the appearance and design.

Because it’s going to be a part of your bedroom, you want it to look nice and probably blend in with your current decor.

You can find the usual lamps with a shade and a pole design like Yarra. These lamps have a neutral design and can blend into almost any decor.

But if you want something modern,  you can try out cross-frame lamps, crystal lamps, or even an RGBIC lamp that shoots all sorts of colors. For your kid’s room, you can consider lamps with child-friendly cartoon themes.

2. Adjustable Brightness

Adjusting brightness in lamps isn’t mandatory as you don’t need high-intensity lighting when you are just about to sleep.

However, having the ability to adjust brightness makes your lamp versatile. You can then use it to read or work late at night.

Most of the Lamps on our list have this capability. You can keep it soft and low or at a high depending on your needs. 

3. Ease of Use

For a lamp to be easy to use, you should be able to turn it on/off or adjust brightness with little effort.

While buttons are common, design innovations have now created the ability to adjust brightness or turn on/off by just touching the lamp itself. The whole lamp is made touch-sensitive. So you won’t have to look for a button in the dark.

Some lamps like Ampulla have a stepless touch sensor. So, all you need to do is move your fingers over it and the brightness will adjust accordingly. 

4. Extra Functionalities

We were really satisfied seeing some of the extra features in these lamps! A USB port built inside the lamp is definitely a lifesaver. You can keep your devices charged and no need for any adapters.

The Ampulla lamp has added Bluetooth music. Although not totally necessary, you can hear soft music and sleep. Nice touch!

Final Words

Ampulla is the best nightstand lamp on our list with a unique tree design. A wireless charger setting along with a wireless speaker really makes it a good feature on your bedside table.

The other lamps are equally well crafted and all of them are super functional. You are just a step away from filling your bedroom with soft and warm lighting!

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