10 Best Stick-On Lights to Brighten Any Space – (2023 Top Picks)

Looking to add some extra illumination to your home without the hassle of wiring? Stick on lights could be the perfect choice for you!

With their small size and easy-to-mount design, these lights can be attached anywhere you desire. Whether you need to light up dark corners, stairs, hallways, or even inside cabinets, the options are endless.


From puck lights to portable LED lights, stick-on lights are available in a variety of forms, making them incredibly versatile.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which lights are right for your needs. Fear not we have done the part.

After researching and testing various stick-on lights, we have compiled a list of the best stick on lights available. Whether you’re looking for long-lasting battery life, motion sensor technology, or adjustable brightness, our top picks offer a range of features to suit your needs.

10 Best Stick On Lights – 2023 Guide

1. Brilliant Evolution LED Stick On Light 

 Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light

Brilliant Evolution is one of the most highly-rated puck lights you can find. It comes in a bundle of 6 puck lights to use on stairs, under cabinets, and in dark corners. With a cleverly designed remote, it’s also fairly easy to control.

This Stick On light is just 1.25-in thick and that makes it more practical to use in various areas of your home where normal LED lights are hard to install. The light output is 55 lumens which are satisfactory considering the size of the light.

You have two options to turn on/off the light. You can push the lens cover manually or use the remote. With the remote, you have more control like brightness and timer. It’s categorically designed with the power button on top, brightness in the middle, and timer at the bottom.

One cool thing we found is that one single remote can control all of the lights together if you point from a distance. But if you are super close, you can just control each light individually.

We loved the fact that you can change the brightness between 50% and 100% with just a tap. Or use the + and – buttons to get the exact brightness. The timer duration can be set in 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes intervals.

Now, the Brilliant evolution is a battery-operated Stick On light. So, no hassles of wiring. Each light uses 3 AA batteries which come with the package. You might get 48-72 hours of operation from each light. However, you can add rechargeable batteries if you want.

  • Light is very bright and portable.
  • Has 3 different brightness levels.
  • Remote can interact with all lights.
  • The lights can be mounted using either sticky tape or screws. The sticker used to affix the lights to the cabinets or walls is strong and can hold up incredibly well.

  • The brightness of the lights depends on the strength of the batteries, so as the batteries start getting drained, you can only use one brightness level.


2. Mr Beams MB720 Battery Powered Motion Sensor Light

In our experiments with LED lights, we found Mr. Beams to be the best Stick On light for closets. Because it has motion sensor capability and you don’t have to turn it on every time you open the closet.

Mr. Beams lights come in a bundle of 3. They emit 20 lumens of natural white light. If you want to use it as a night light, you can also check the sleep-friendly version that emits yellow light.

The motion sensor works in dark conditions and won’t turn on in daylight. It detects motion from 10ft and turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. So, this also helps to save on battery life.

Each of these lights uses a set of 4AA batteries which can last up to 80 hours. Considering the addition of a motion sensor, this time limit is quite impressive. The only annoying part is opening the screws every time to replace the batteries.

Mounting these lights is simple and hassle-free! Just use the included adhesive tapes to install them wherever you need. These versatile lights can be placed on stairs, walls, or even wooden surfaces, giving you the freedom to brighten up any space you desire. If you prefer a more secure installation, you can also use the included mounting screws.

Overall, Mr. Beams is a reliable and portable motion sensor light that works great. Its design even allows you to use it outdoors, where rain doesn’t directly pour.

  • These lights may be small, but throw out a ton of light. They provide enough illumination to walk through a dark room comfortably.
  • Do not turn on when the room is already lit, saving battery life.
  • These lights turn on and off automatically when they detect motion, saving you the hassle of having to manually turn them on or off.
  • Have a great battery life and can last up to a year before needing a battery change.

  • The light is quite heavy, so the included mounting tape may not work effectively. It is recommended to use either velcro strips or 3M double-sided tape for a strong attachment.

3. BTEEK Closet Stick-On Light

BTEEK Closet Stick-On Light

If you’re looking for an LED stick-on light that will illuminate your entire area, look no further than the Bteek Closet light. This LED emits 200 lumens of bright white light, so only one of them is enough to illuminate your closet or an under-cabinet storage area.

The light is powered using 3 AAA batteries. Though the manufacturer claims the batteries can last 3-4 hours, users have reported a much lower battery time. To save money, you can use rechargeable batteries.

You have three options to mount this light. The adhesive tape could be the go-to option. If the tape fails, you can use a better after-market adhesive tape that we use regularly. You can also use the included magnets or hang it on a nail.

As you turn on/off the light, it makes a clicking noise. For normal people, this could be fun as you know the light is turning on. For others, this could be a little annoying. But overall, this small and power-packed LED light is just what you need for dark corners.

  • Featuring a unique and creative design, TBTEEK is a light that resembles a switch. Once turned on, the switch illuminates itself, adding an extra touch of style to your space.
  • The light is very bright; it can even illuminate the large storage cabinet.
  • Very compact, so you can use it for camping or outdoor activities.
  • Can be attached to surfaces in multiple ways.
  • The magnets on the back are not very strong.
  • As the light is very bright, it will drain the batteries faster than normal LEDs.

4. Lightbiz LED Stick-On Light

Lightbiz LED Stick-On Light

Lightbiz is one of the best rechargeable stick-on light that is equipped with a motion detector. With its impressive 10ft range and 120-degree detection angle, you’ll never have to worry about stumbling around in the dark again.

The motion sensor stays on for a full 20 seconds, providing ample time to move around, and turns off automatically when it no longer detects motion. It’s perfect for use in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and cabinets, making it a versatile addition to any home or workspace.

There are 3 modes to use this light. Night mode automatically turns the light on when it’s dark. The day mode is what you might use most of the time as it turns on as long as it detects human’s movement. The third mode is the always-on mode.

The best way to control the light is to use the remote control. With the remote, you can control the modes, timer, and brightness. There’s a + – button for stepless dimming. The timer has 4-time settings like 10 min, 60 mins, 30 mins, and 120 mins.

Alternatively, you can use the built-in button on the light itself to turn on/off and control the modes. If you press the button for 3 seconds, the button will work as a power button. If you press it gently for 3-5 seconds, it will change the modes.

The back of the light bar is magnetic. So, it can be mounted on any iron surface right away. You can also use the magnetic strip to mount it against any surface.

The best part is the light is rechargeable and can last for weeks. However, after each recharge, you will need to reprogramme the light following the instructions from the manual.

  • Easy to remove and charge with the magnetic strip.
  • Quite bright to illuminate small storage areas.
  • Does not make any sound.
  • I wish it had more than one charger since it came with three lights so you can charge them all at once.

5. Lofter Motion Sensor Stick On Light

Lofter Motion Sensor Stick On Light

Here’s another motion sensor-enabled Stick On light. Its dual motion sensor mode adds versatility and the magnetic mounting option makes it extremely mobile. Because it’s rechargeable, it’s also money-saving and environmentally friendly.

Right from the go, this LED light might look like a lightsaber from a Star Wars movie. It’s 17.3-in long and made entirely from aluminum. At just 0.86-in diameter, it’s a pretty slim and sleek light that’s suitable for closets, stairs, hallways, and kitchens.

The motion sensor modes are interesting. It doesn’t have a remote, so you’ll need to use its built-in switch for changing modes. There’s one extra mode to keep your light always on like a regular room light.

When the indicator is green, it’s in ‘light & motion sensor mode’. In this mode, the light will turn on automatically with movement only in darkness. And when the indicator is red, this means the light will turn on with movement whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

This Stick On bar light uses a 3200mAh built-in lithium battery. If you keep it on ‘always on’ mode, it can last 4 hours. And in motion sensor modes, this can last even longer. To charge it all you have to do is plug it into any USB-supported device or a power adapter.

We were quite impressed by the mounting bracket. One side of the bracket is iron and gets attached to the back of the light where there are built-in magnets. The other side is adhesive and attaches to the wall. So, you can remove and attach the light anytime for recharging.

  • The light’s color is adjustable between 3 levels of color from yellowish to cold blue.
  • Has different settings for brightness.
  • The light works even while being charged.
  • There is no timer setting for how long the light stays on, but you can set it to either detect motion all the time or only when it’s dark.
  • Battery life is not long, requires frequent recharging.


6. Waneway Vanity Mirror Stick On Lights

 Waneway Vanity Lights for Mirror

Are you tired of struggling to do your makeup or hair under dim lighting? Look no further than Waneway’s amazing Stick-On mirror lights! These lights are perfect for illuminating your vanity mirror professionally and at an affordable price.

The 10 lights combined emit 1200 lumens of daylight, with a 6000k color temperature that is perfect for makeup. With a CRI of 90, these lights give you true colors of skin, ensuring that your makeup looks flawless.

And when it comes to installation, the transparent wires are 13.5 ft long and can be rotated and adjusted to hide them completely, giving you that perfect vanity mirror feel.

But what about brightness control? No problem! With the included power adapter and dimmer, you can adjust the brightness of these lights to suit any occasion. Whether you want a soft glow for a romantic evening or a bright glow for a night out, you’ll have full control.

To mount these lights, you can use the sticky pads provided. These pads are super thick and will keep the lights on the mirror for years. The only problem is you can’t move these lights often as this will require you to cut the pads and reapply them again.

  • Easy to install.
  • The base of each light rotates so you can wrap up any excess wire.
  • Brightness is not blinding that is perfect for makeup allowing you to see everything clearly.
  • The adhesive used on these bulbs is really strong. Once you stick it on a surface, it will stay in place and won’t move easily. So, it’s a good idea to mark where you want to put the bulb before sticking it, to make sure it’s in the right spot.
  • It cannot be easily removed once fixed. Therefore, you cannot shift the light from one place to another.


7. LEASTYLE Wireless Stick On Spot Lights

LEASTYLE Wireless Spot Lights


Spotlight is a great way to showcase your valuable collections or artworks in your home. While installing the traditional spotlights can be a hassle due to the extensive wiring required.

However, with Leastyle spotlights, installation is made much easier. These spotlights can be conveniently installed with tape or screws without the need for complicated wiring, and making the process quick and efficient.

You can control the spot light brightness with both the remote and the built-in button. The brightness levels can be adjusted between 10%, 40%,80%, and 100%. With the remote, you can use the timer function to auto-turn off the light in 15,30,60, and 120 minutes.

The track head of the spot light can rotate 350 degrees and tilt 180 degrees. You have to adjust this manually. But it would have been a lot nice if the remote could control the track head positions.

The light illuminates 4000K of white light that’s neither yellow and not too bluish. So, it’s just perfect to display stuff or focus people’s attention to things you want people to see. At 80 lumens, the brightness isn’t too high. So, you could use a few of them together.

  • The whole light is powered by 3 AA batteries.
  • The remote provides several brightness options and timer settings.
  • Range of movement allows you to point the light exactly where you need them.
  • The lights automatically shut off after approximately three hours and need to be turned on again.


8. BLS LED Puck Lights

BLS LED Puck Lights

Puck lights are the perfect way to light up your kitchen or any dark space beautifully without wasting too much time on wiring. The BLS LED gives off nice 3000K white light for clear ambiance and also a lot of other colors for mood lighting.

These BLS LED Stick-On lights come with a remote that can help you control everything from brightness to colors. One remote can control 6 of the puck lights together and make your life easier.

There are 12 color presets that can be accessed through the remote. You can also set a timer to turn the lights off after 30 or 60 minutes. Even if you forgot to turn them off, they won’t eat up the batteries.

On a moderate level of brightness, these lights can last 100 hours. All you have to use is 3 AA batteries to power them. The lights don’t include batteries, so you can buy any of your favorite rechargeable or disposable batteries.

To mount the puck lights, use the included 3M adhesive tape. It’s pretty strong and can stick on surfaces like wood and even marble. If you want more stable mounting, you can use the screws as well.

  • Easy to install and can be fully operational within minutes of opening the package.
  • Has built-in timer to auto-shut off.
  • Several color options for different moods.
  • One negative we found is that the remote could malfunction in the long run. But that differs from user to user and how carefully they use it.

9. Willed Dimmable Touch Stick On Light

WILLED Dimmable Touch Light

One of the reasons why we consider these Willed dimmable lights as the best Stick On lights for walls is because of their sleek and slim design. With a single button to control everything, it’s also super easy to use.

There’s an indented circle on the side that acts as both a power and brightness adjustment button. With quick touches, you can turn it on/off. And with long touches, you can steplessly adjust brightness. The best thing is it turns on with the last used settings.

Having a built-in rechargeable battery can help you save on battery costs. It uses a 1000mAh lithium battery which the manufacturer claims can last 120 hours at the lowest brightness. However, users have found it to last anywhere from 25-50 hours which is still good enough.

This Stick On light illuminates 6000k pure white light. This is perfect for visibility and makes the light suitable for kitchens or bedrooms. Moreover, the design allows you to put this light inside the cabinets and any narrow spaces. It’s only 0.5” thick and has a 3 ¼” diameter.

The back of the light has a built-in magnet. So, you can mount this on any metal surface instantly. Alternatively, use the adhesive magnetic strip which allows you to recharge the light whenever you want.

We were also impressed by the small indicator on this light. It turns red when it’s charging and turns off when the light is fully charged. That’s a nice thoughtful addition.

  • Easy to attach to the wall.
  • The dimmer is a good feature, it can be very dim or very bright.
  • Magnet sticker make them great to easy attachment and detachment for charging purposes,
  • The only downside is the on/off touch button is too sensitive it lights up at the slightest touch.


10. Dream Master Tap Stick on Lights

 Dream Master Tap LED Push Lights

The last on our list is a small Stick On light from Dream Master. Each light is capable of illuminating 50 lumens of soft white light. Each pack consists of 5 of these lights which you can use in almost any setting.

The light is only 9-in thick and 3-in wide. So, that makes it practical to use inside dark cabinets, closets, car trunks, and even on the stairs. Use the adhesive tapes to mount it securely.

It doesn’t have any remote control as there are no other functions except for only power on/off. There’s a switch in the center of the lights. That’s the power button of the light. If you want to increase brightness of your space, install a few of these lights in close proximity.

The best part is these lights don’t require any wires. Each light is powered by 3 AAA batteries. The batteries don’t come with the package, so you can use your own favorite ones.

After mounting, you can rotate the upper part of the light and access the batteries for quick replacement. However, closing the lid is a bit stressful and will require some patience.

  • Easy to turn on and off.
  • The light easily sticks any wall with no problem.
  • The light is very bright compared to the size.
  • The only issue I have found is it’s difficult to open/close to insert batteries.

Why Should You Choose a Stick On light

1. Small and portable

Stick On lights are small & portable. This means you can shift them around when the purpose is served. If you are using it in your bedroom now, you can shift it to the cabinet later.

2. Can be mounted anywhere

These lights come with extra sticky adhesive tapes. So, you can quickly mount them anywhere from mirrors, glass, steel, wood, and wall.

When shifting them, you need to reapply the adhesive tape and restick the light again. Some Stick On lights has magnetic adhesive strips. These are far easier to mount.

3. Usable in places where other lights are not practical

Think about small corners of your room, under the cabinet, inside the cabinet, or maybe the stairs. Normal LED lights are simply not practical for these scenarios.

4. To avoid wiring issues

Wiring is probably the most hated task for usual people. In creepy corners where there is no outlet, you need to go into wiring to install normal LED lights. As Stick On lights use batteries, you won’t have to go down that road.

5. Cost-effective solution

These lights come at cheap prices. Because they have low wattage and fewer lumen counts, you can find them at affordable prices. Why waste on expensive lights, right?

4 Things To Consider While Buying Stick On Light

1. Design and Purpose

Before you buy any Stick On lights, you need to decide what are you getting them for. They come in a lot of shapes and designs. So, that can be a bit confusing.

But one thing is common stick-On lights are small in size. Some are tiny and some are just a bit large.

If you want lights for your kitchen or bathroom, a bar-type Stick On light will be more appropriate. Whereas, places like under cabinets, inside cabinets, and stairs will require much smaller and thinner Stick On lights.

Some Stick On lights are made specifically for certain purposes. The Waneway vanity lights, as the name suggests, are ideal to use on mirrors. They have a special kind of wiring for this purpose. Whereas, the Leastyle light is a spotlight ideal for showcasing a certain thing or corner of your home.

2. Battery-Powered VS Rechargeables

Because Stick On lights are made with the idea of portability in mind, you will find them either using disposable batteries or having a built-in rechargeable battery.

The usual battery-powered versions are great for situations where you need the light for just a short amount of time like cabinets and stairs. The downside is you need to replace these batteries and that can add to your costs.

However, you can always replace these batteries with rechargeable batteries.

The built-in rechargeable versions make life easier. But that also means you need to take it off and put it to charge.

3. Motion Detector Capability

Not all Stick On lights has motion detector capabilities. But the ones that have this feature are perfect for hallways, stairs, and cabinets. You don’t need to turn them off or on manually.

This feature is helpful to save on battery life and probably keep your wife at peace as she doesn’t have to remind you to turn the lights off.

4. Brightness & Color Temperature

Most Stick On lights will give you the ability to control brightness using a remote or switch within the light. But in most cases, you need to dim them as they are small and illuminate fewer lumens.

The color temperature on these lights is mostly fixed. So, before you buy them decide what kind of lighting you need. If you need soft and yellow, go below 5000K and anything above it will be mostly white.

Final Words

Stick-on lights are a fantastic lighting solution where normal light cannot reach. With their double-sided tape option, you can attach these lights virtually anywhere, making them ideal for illuminating dark corners and gloomy cabinets.

After thorough research and testing, we highly recommend Brilliant Evolution, Mr. Beams, and Lofter as some of the best stick-on lights available. These top-performing options offer various features, such as adjustable brightness, motion-sensor technology, timer options, and great battery life, to enhance the user experience even further.

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