How to Change Light Bulb in 30ft Ceiling (Easy Way)


When people ask me about how to change light bulb in 30 ft ceiling, I always tell them the best way is using an extension ladder. The first thing you need to do is find the middle of the room and measure from there.

Then take your ladder and place it at that point. Find the light fixture that needs to be changed and turn it off. Next, unscrew the old light bulb and pull it out of the socket. Insert the new light bulb into the socket and screw it back in by hand.

Sounds so easy, right? But imagine anyone else in your house trying to do the same thing. It can be a huge headache, especially if you’re not very handy. And if you make a mistake, think about what could happen.

A light bulb changing from 30 feet from the ceiling can be a hard task. To make things safe and easier for everyone, here is our today’s step-by-step guideline.

Equipment You Need:

While changing a light bulb in a 30 ft ceiling can be done with just an extension ladder, you’ll need some basic tools to make the process go smoothly. You’ll need a head screwdriver and a light socket extender.

The head screwdriver is used to unscrew the old light bulb and push out the old metal receptacle. The light socket extender raises the light socket so you can insert the new bulb. Then a bulb-changing pole can be used to put the light into the hole to keep everything steady.

A pair of gloves and eye protection is also recommended when handling light bulbs. So, you will need,

1. An extension ladder

2. A head screwdriver

3. Light socket extender

4. Bulb changing pole

5. New light bulb

6. Gloves and

7. Eye protector.

How to change light bulb in 30 ft ceiling- Step by step Guide

I can remember, Back in my childhood, Changing light bulbs used to be a huge pain. But thankfully, things have changed over the years, and today, it’s very easy to change a light bulb. All you will have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Make sure all the equipment is in place before starting.

Before you get started, make sure that you have everything that you need. Otherwise, you will end up wasting time.

2. Measure the distance from the ground.

This will help you determine how high up your ladder you need to be in order to change it. You will also want to measure the size of the light so that you can buy a suitable light bulb.

3. Turn off the power to the light.

This is very important, as you don’t want any accidents during the process. Most people make the mistake of trying to change the light while it’s still on.

4. If you use an extension ladder, ensure it is securely fastened to the ceiling.

Just make sure the position of your ladder and the wiring in your ceiling are compatible. If you see it shaking during the process, you need to fix it before proceeding.

5. Use a bulb-changing pole if you have a fear of height

DocaPole 7-30 Foot High Ceiling Light Bulb Changer

Honestly, 30 ft is too high to change a light bulb. If you have a fear of heights, then it’s impossible to climb a ladder that high and change a light bulb. In this case, I have a perfect solution for you.

Those who fear height can use a 30 ft height extension pole (amazon) instead of a ladder. There are many sizes and designs available. The good thing is you can extend these bulb extension poles from a minimum of 7 ft to 30 ft. 

6. Remove the old light bulb by unscrewing it and pulling it out.

It’s time to get into the main job. Wear gloves, though it’s optional. Then, use the head screwdriver to remove the old light bulb from the socket. Place the light socket extender. This will make it much easier for you to change the light bulb.

Now, slide the old light bulb out of its socket. Be aware not to damage either part.

7. Screw the new light bulb into the socket

What’s next? Simply screw the new light bulb into the socket, making sure that it’s in the correct position. Then, reattach the cover and screws to finish up. Don’t forget to double-check that you have tightened down all of the screws properly.

You’re finished! Congratulations, you have just changed a light bulb in your ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Take the right steps, and you will see that changing the light bulb in a 30 ft ceiling is not an impossible task. In case you still don’t understand how to change light bulb in 30 ft ceiling, get in touch with us. Mail us, and we will be more than happy to help.

Do share your experiences if you ever change the light bulb in such a long distance.

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