Is It Safe To Put LED Lights Behind the TV?


LED lights play a great role in decorating the living room on a budget. However, “Light is light & light can burn” – is very generalized thinking. If you’re one of those & thinking if it is safe to put LED lights behind the TV, this article is for you.  Yes, it is safe to … Read more

How Far Should A Light Switch Be From A Shower


Having a light switch inside the bathroom is great. Nobody can turn off the light intentionally or unintentionally & causing you a panic attack or accidental slip. However, if you don’t know how far a light switch should be from the shower, this article is for you. Here’s a quick answer for you first:  The … Read more

Why Does My TV Remote Control my LED Lights (5 Solutions)


Having remote-controllable LED lights feels great until your TV remote starts to interfere with them. Though this relationship between TV remotes & LED Light strips seems confusing, it’s possible.  If you’re facing this issue & scratching your head wondering – why my TV remote controls my LED lights, you’ve come to the right place. Before … Read more

Cool White vs Daylight – What’s The Differences?


Cool white bulbs generally come with a color temperature of 4000-5000K. The light has a neutral effect on the mood but brings a slightly blue feel. On the other hand, daylight bulbs provide color temperatures between 5000K-6000K and have an exciting effect on us. However, none of the daylight and cool white are considered good … Read more

Is It Safe To Put Led Lights Under Bed? (Metal & Steel Frame)


Yes, it’s absolutely safe to put LED lights under the bed. In general, LED light strips include a separate driver which maintains a rated current and voltage. Aside from that their power supply is also protected internally. And finally, the encapsulated design of the LED will prevent all types of short circuits.  However, the answer … Read more

How to Keep a Floor Lamp From Tipping Over?


To prevent your floor lamp from tipping over, you can place it behind furniture such as a sofa. Alternatively, you can use a base weight or secure the lamp with a rope. If the issue is with the lamp itself, you can fix a wobbly lamp by tightening any loose screws or adjusting the unstable … Read more

How to Connect Multiple Led Strips to One Power Source?


You can connect multiple LED strips to one power source in different ways. First, one of the easiest methods is by connecting them in series. Here one strip is directly connected to the main power source and the other strips are connected to the first strip. Next, you can connect them in parallel where both … Read more

Different Led Light Color Meaning & Where to Use Them


Different LED light colors include mainly white lights and RGB lights. In the case of White lights, the soft white is Yellow, warm white is yellowish-white. Again cool white is neutral white and daylight is White-blue. And for RGB, 3 primary colors are red, green, and blue. In this article, I’ve explained everything more practically. … Read more