How to Fix LED Light Strips that Are Different Colors – Repair It Today

To fix LED light Strip of different colors the first thing you should do is check all the connections and cables. If it doesn’t work then the best thing you can do is reset the LED. These solutions are for if the whole strip is of a different color. But if a portion of the LED is showing a different color then you need to cut off the part and solder it accordingly.


Now you’ve got ideas about the basics. But as they are electric things you should learn them in detail with a step-by-step guide. If you’re interested then continue reading this article because here I’ve described everything in proper detail.  

Reasons LED Lights Are Different Colors in Portion Or Throughout the Strips

I am sure, after fixing the LED strips this time, you don’t want the problem back again. But to prevent the problem it’s essential to learn the reasons behind this issue.  So before I get into the solution I’ll explain the causes first. 

Overheating: One of the main causes your LED is different in colors is overheating. When the LED strips are cheap they might not survive the heat and significantly start to lose color. It generally starts to turn yellow which is supposed to be bright blue-white or other colors. 

To avoid the issue I would suggest getting a strip from a good brand. And make sure the outlet rating and LED strips voltage rating is matching. If there is an issue with the current flow or voltage supply then it’s very natural to overheat. 

Degraded Epoxy Coating: Another issue is very common among the cheap LED strips which you’re using for a long period. There the heat and UV rays from the LED’s blue light cause the epoxy coating to begin to degrade.

In particular, if you’re using the LED for a very long time it can cause the encapsulant to first turn yellow and then brown. This problem generally occurs with the mid-range or less expensive 5mm LED plastic packages.

Wrong Connection or Soldering: Here is another issue we often face. It is the wrong connection between the cables. Most of us aren’t experts and don’t know how to reconnect the LED light strip. Sometimes we mistakenly mismatch the connection. In that case, the LED can show the wrong color. Again due to a problem with soldering your LED can blink or lose connection throughout a portion. 

Cheap LED: I would say this is the very first reason why led lights face different types of problems, including showing different colors. The cheap manufacturers aren’t aware of the necessary voltage rating, LED drivers, and other essential components that an ideal LED light should have. As a result, LED strips from these manufacturers may show various types of problems without any specific cause.

If you want a quality long-lasting service from your LED I suggest getting a quality LED strip.

How To Fix LED lights that are Different colors Throughout the Strips

The very common problem with an LED light strip is the whole strip is showing a different color. Suppose you’re pressing the controller to change the color into red but it’s changing to white or green. If you’re facing such a problem then don’t worry. There are several fixes. In the below segment, I’ll be discussing them in detail. So, keep reading,

Method 1: Reset the LED

The ultimate solution to fix LED strips that are different in color is to reset the LED. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert to do it. All you have to do is to follow the below steps. So, let’s get them.

  • First, ensure that the LED lights have a proper voltage supply and that all of their components are linked securely.
  • After that, it’s time to restart the system.
  • The remote control includes a button that reads FADE7. Press the button.
  • You can now restart the LED lights.
  • So finally press the color buttons sequentially on the remote control after turning it on. Then you’ll get the LED lights shifting back to their original shape or color.

Method 2: Double Check Whether Everything is Plugged-in Correctly

Sometimes the problem can be very silly and it’s with the connection. Very often the strips tangle and the cords and other connections get changed. If that’s the case, checking everything will solve your issue. Let’s see how to do it. 

  • The first thing you’ll have to do is to check whether the black wire on your RGB strip connector is on the same side as the +12V.
  • Next, assure that the connector’s positive (+) end is correctly aligned with the strip’s positive side.
  • Make sure your R, G, and B wires are connected properly while you are doing this.
  • Finally, if there is any mess with the above 3 connections or with the cables, fix it back to their right position.

Method 3: Replace the Light/Controller

There is a high possibility that you failed to fix your LED even after trying all the methods. So then the only solution for you is to replace the light or the controller. If you think the problem is with the controller then purchase the respective controller.

And if the problem is with the light then purchase a new LED light. However, next time when you purchase an LED strip don’t pick a mid-class or cheap one again.

So, if you’re asking for a recommendation I would suggest the Tenmiro 5050 RGB LED Strip. I have been using these LED strips for the last 1 year and never faced any issues. The best things about this strip are it’s a multipurpose strip, can be controlled using an app, and comes with both movie and music themes.

How to Fix LED lights That are Different Colors in a Portion

Now it’s time to resolve a different problem. It’s about fixing the LED lights which are different colors in a portion. However, there are 2 scenarios. I’ll go one by one and explain them with proper fixes. So, read on. 

Case 1: It’s Not Different in Color Just the Voltage is Down

Let’s come to the first scenario. Very often we found our LED strips different or pale in color wholly or throughout a portion. For example, your LED strips are red. But when you turn it on you get the color a different shed or red or orange. Here you might be thinking that the LED is now different in color. 

Well, when the color appears in different shades of the same color, I don’t think it’s a serious problem. The first thing to check is the voltage. If the LEDs are not getting enough voltage, they won’t be able to produce their best performance. This can result in dimming and a pale color.

Here the problems can be with the LED strips, the outlet, or with the overall current system of the house. You will have to inspect all of them and ensure the proper voltage.

If the problem is in the overall current system then you can easily detect that because the other lighting components will also dim due to low voltage. Just switch on the other lights and you can be sure of it.

Finally, if the problem is with the outlet then to check it, disconnect the LED and plug in some other electric component, If you find the same case that they are running slow then it would be better to change to repair the outlet. 

Case 2: Some Lights of the Strip Are Actually Different in Color

The most serious problem is this one when the LED Strip is showing the right color but a portion of the strip is displaying the wrong color. For example, if your LED strips should be Green in color. It is showing green but in the middle 2-3 LEDs are yellow/Red.

In such cases, everyone recommends replacing the LED because there’s no fix. However, I got your back. I found something special for you. Here I’ll discuss how to fix it. 

How to Fix it?

Well, here the fixing method is slightly different where you’ll need some additional knowledge about electronics. Let’s see how to do it.

  • If you are an expert and know how to solder then skip the first step. If you don’t know then get someone who can help you in soldering. 
  • Next, find out the portions where the LED is showing different colors
  • Finally, cut away the area that has the different-colored LED (often spaced at 2 to 4 inches). 
  • Now solder the separated parts again and you’re done.

Well, this method is quite simple only if you know the soldering. However, the disadvantage here is it’ll shorten the overall length of the LED Strips. If you don’t have a problem with that it’s alright but if the length matters to you then I wouldn’t suggest you follow this method.

How to Fix Govee LED Lights that Are Different Colors

I know Govee LEDs are very popular and have already received some requests to explain how to fix Govee LED lights that are of different colors. Well, this LED strip is no different from the other types. You can follow the methods I’ve discussed before. However, the restarting method should be enough to fix it.


I think now you know how to fix led lights that are different colors. I’ve divided the issue into two-parts and provided guides for both problems. However, once again remind you the easiest solution here is to reset the LED strips. 

Aside from the solutions I’ve also described the reasons. Read the reasons carefully and make sure not to make any more mistakes again. That’s all I had for you today. Good luck repairing your LED strip.  

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