Is It Safe To Put Led Lights Under Bed? (Metal & Steel Frame)

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to put LED lights under the bed. In general, LED light strips include a separate driver which maintains a rated current and voltage. Aside from that their power supply is also protected internally. And finally, the encapsulated design of the LED will prevent all types of short circuits. 


However, the answer to this question can vary for different types of beds. In this article, I’ve covered everything with a proper logical explanation. So, I think it’s time for you to explore. 

Is It Safe to Put Led Lights Under Different Bed Frames?

In this segment, I’ll cover the answer for metal, steel, and wooden bed frames. So, let’s dig in.

Metal or Steel Bed Frame

First, let’s start with metal and steel bed frames. People generally think LED lights aren’t safe under metal or steel bed frames for some reason. However, my opinion is slightly different. I think if you’re using quality LED strips then it’s completely safe. However, sometimes it can be an issue. 

Let’s start with the logic that they are safe.

Reasons LED Strips Are Safe Under a Metal or Steel Bed Frame

It’s because the circuits on the LED strips are encapsulated. As a result, there is no chance of shorting.

The next logic is that the power supply is protected internally against shorts on the output. Plus, if you pay attention to the safety UL level then you’ll find nominal voltage equal to or below 24 VDC is risk-free. We know LED strips used 12V and 24V, so, there is no hazard of shorting. 

Finally, almost all LED lights use a separate driver. Separate drives generally convert higher voltage alternating current to lower voltage direct current. It mainly maintains the voltage and current flow at a rated level. 

So When It Can be Dangerous?

We know both metal and steel conduct electricity by allowing free electrons to move between the atoms. So, some people think it’s unsafe to put LED lights under metal or steel beds. Here the worst thing that can happen is a direct short circuit. 

And some cheap LEDs lack a separate drive and sometimes they can’t alter high-voltage. So, it can cause a short circuit.

And the next thing is metal and steel are both heat conductors. So, if the LEDs in case heat up too much it’s harmful to both the frame and the LEDs.

Wooden Frame

When it’s a wooden frame then it’s completely safe. I think I don’t have to discuss reasons and problems because wood doesn’t conduct electricity. Besides, they exhibit low thermal conductivity. So, led lights under a wooden bedframe are completely safe.

NB: Too much heating can sometimes damage the wood. So, it’s recommended to avoid using cheap LED light strips that heat up easily.

4 Ideas For Lighting Under Your Bed

As you know it’s safe to use LED strips under beds, you might be looking for some ideas for lighting under beds. If so then you’re in luck because this segment has covered exactly what you’re looking for. Below I’ve included 4 creative ideas for under-bed lighting. So, don’t skip.

Customizable Lighting

An easy lighting idea is using customized lighting under the bed. If you’re using a box-sized or rectangular bed then you can wrap LED strips in a square/rectangular shape. 

The color of LEDs can be different for all 4 rows or you can sync color between the east and west rows, and the north and south rows. 

And for color ideas, I would suggest purple, blue, light yellowish-white, or anything you like. 

Music Syncing Lighting

If you’re a music lover then using the music Syncing LEDs strips under the bed would be a great idea. Such strips generally get connected to your mobile. 

Then when you play music it changes color according to the beat. It creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your room. 

Tip: When you are purchasing a music-syncing light for using under the bed RGB led strips are the best. If you ask for a specific product then Nexillumi Music Sync RGB LED Strips would be my recommendation. The reason I personally like this light is you can control it using the “illumi home” app. And the best thing is it’s available both in the App Store and PlayStore 

Color Changing Lighting

Another popular way of lighting is using color-changing LED strips. There are different color-changing LEDs available. Though I never tried color-changing LEDs under the bed, for decorating my desk I used the Phopollo Led Strip Lights. Well, I personally suggest this one because there are 8 dynamic modes, 6 DIY colors, and 20 static colors.

Finally, for coordination, you don’t need to follow any certain rules like the customized Lighting. Here the color can change automatically or you can also control it using the remote.

Dimmable Lighting

If you want to control the brightness of the light under the bed then use dimmable lights to wrap underneath the bed. Dimmable lights are great for use in any condition. Whether you are chilling, sleeping, or doing work you have all the control of the light. These LED strips are power-saving and come with catchy colors as well. 

If you want suggestions for good dimmable LED strips I would recommend the – Onforu 16.4ft Dimmable LED Strip. The light comes in warm white colors having a color temperature of 300K. However, they aren’t waterproof so be careful not to mix them up with water.


By now I think you’ve understood why it’s safe to use LED lights under the bed. I’ve mentioned all the reasons for different bed types. So, the next thing is the ideas and here I’ve also added 4 creative ideas for under-bed lighting.

And that’s everything to conclude today’s topic. I hope you are no more confused. So, good luck lighting under the bed. 

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