Why Does My TV Remote Control my LED Lights (5 Solutions)

Having remote-controllable LED lights feels great until your TV remote starts to interfere with them. Though this relationship between TV remotes & LED Light strips seems confusing, it’s possible. 


If you’re facing this issue & scratching your head wondering – why my TV remote controls my LED lights, you’ve come to the right place. Before getting started with the detailed article, here’s a short answer to satisfy your curiosity: 

Your TV Remote is controlling your LED lights, because – TV along with LED Light Controller box can receive the same IR signals. When your TV remote sends signals to the TV, the controller box also catches those signals – It happens because the LED lights of the TV remote illuminates & sends signals everywhere around it.

Now that you know the main reason, let’s understand the complete picture & learn how to get rid of TV remote control LED lights. 

How Does a TV Remote Control Work? 

If you don’t know already, the TV remote uses IR (Infrared Radiation) to send around 940nm signals to the TV. Television then receives the signals & converts them into proper commands. 

So, any other remote controllable thing can receive the TV remote’s IR signal & start to change on itself. This is what happens to the LED lights that change color or completely shut down when you press your TV remote keys. 

Why Does my TV Remote Control My LED Lights: 3 Possible Reasons Explained

Though I’ve explained the main reason in short above, there are a few similar reasons that cause your TV remote to control LED lights. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why TV remote controls LED lights:

Both Your TV & LED Lights Can Read The Same IR Signal

Your TV & LED Lights can read the same IR signal. That’s why when you point your remote to the TV, the IR light signal reaches the LED Light Controller box & does the irrelevant task (Blinking or Changing Light Color). 

Both Your TV Remote & LED Lights Are Made In China

China TV remote manufacturers use low-quality materials to manufacture their TV remotes. Often, the material used is the same as LED lights. That’s why LED Lights are also triggered while using the TV remote. 

Your TV Remote Is Faulty 

Third but not least, your TV remote can be faulty & sending wrong signals that trigger the LED lights. Try changing your TV remote, which might solve your frustration over the TV remote controlling the LED lights

How To Prevent TV Remote From Controlling LED Lights: 5 Possible Solutions 

Let’s discuss how to prevent the TV remote from controlling LED lights. I’ll discuss five common solutions you can try in this segment. Let’s get started: 

1. Keep The LED Lights Controller Box In a Distant Place

The controller box controls LED lights. If you’re struggling with a TV remote interference problem, you should first take away your LED light controller box at a distant place. 

The TV remote IR signal doesn’t go in a straight line. It illuminates & everything near the remote and can receive the signal. That’s why if you take it away & place it far away from your TV, your problem will be solved. 

2. Turn Off or Disable the IR of Your LED Light’s Controller Box

If you don’t have enough space in your room to keep the controller box in a distant place, you can try turning off or disabling the IR of your LED lights controller box.  

Q: What If the IR Disabling Option Is Not Present? 

The IR disabling option may not be present for your LED Light controller box. What you can do is use tape & nail polish to block the IR receiver. 

Here is how you can do it: 

  • Step 1: Locate Your IR Receiver On Your LED Light Controller. 
  • Step 2: Put a Tape On It. 
  • Step 3: Apply Some Nail Polish Over The Tape. 

That’s how you can altogether disable the IR receiver of any LED light controller box. 

3. Get Rid Of Your TV Remote, Use App Instead

If you value the IR receiver feature of your LED Light & don’t want to disable it, you can get rid of your TV remote instead. If your phone is capable of sending remote signals, you can easily replace your TV remote by using apps for TV. 

Here is a chart of TV remote apps that you might need while replacing your TV remote: 

Smart TV Best Remote Control App
Samsung TV SamRemote
All smart TVs Universal Remote TV Smart App
Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire App
All smart TVs AnyMote
Apple TV Apple TV Remote
Roku TV Roku App

Sony Tv

LG TV Remote App

TV SideView

4. Disable the IR Repeater Of Your Room (If Possible)

Many people use IR repeaters for various reasons. This IR repeater extends the IR signals of the TV remote & which might help trigger LED lights. Disabling the IR repeater can help & you should do so if possible. 

5. Change TV Remote Frequency Rate

If it’s a smart television of any brand, there should be an option for changing the remote IR frequency. Be cautious while changing TV frequency & make sure the manufacturer permits it. 

Changing the frequency will help distinguish the TV remote frequency & LED Light’s remote frequency – thus, it will help you eliminate the hassle. 

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Things To Consider While Stopping TV Remote Interference With LED Lights

While you’re stopping TV remote interference, you’re either blocking the IR receiver of the LED Light Controller box or using TV Remote App mainly. 

Know that you can’t use the LED Light remote if the IR receiver is blocked & not all android phones support TV remote apps. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Do I Stop My Roku Remote From Changing My LED Lights? 

You can completely stop the LED light illumination of your Roku Remote by following these steps: 

  • Step 1: Press Home & Go To Your Roku Remote 
  • Step 2: Select Settings By Scrolling Down
  • Step 3: Select System & LED Settings 
  • Step 4: Find The Power Setting First, Go To Standby LED
  • Step 5: Select Off

That’s how you can turn off the LED light illumination that causes changing LED lights in your room. 

Can a TV Remote Frequency Be Changed? 

Yes, you can change a TV remote frequency if the manufacturer permits it. Go through your TV manual guide & see if there are any headings like or similar to “Change TV Remote Frequency”. If there is nothing, you can’t change the frequency. 

What Frequency Does TV Remote Use? 

TV remote controller frequency can be changed. However, some pre-selected TV remote frequencies exist, such as – 315, 434 & 868 MHz as RF (Radio Frequency) carrier frequencies. 


I hope this article was helpful enough to solve your TV remote controlling LED lights problem. I’ve tried my best to pinpoint the possible reasons along with actionable solutions. 

If you try the solutions I’ve mentioned, there is no chance of facing this problem again. Try changing your TV remote or LED lights entirely if the mentioned methods are not working. 

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