20 Creative Led Strip Lights Ideas to Copy at Home- (2023)

LED strip lights are a versatile and convenient way to add extra flavor and lighting to your home. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home or outside the home – you can bet on LED light strips without hesitation. 


You can use LED light strips in every (almost) place, but proper ideas or guidance are needed to use strips successfully.

Hold tight as I’ll discuss the top 20 best LED light strip ideas you can apply right now. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 20 Best Strip Light Ideas For Home

I have analyzed many LED light strip ideas & came up with this compact list of 20 ideas. Here are they: 

1. Room Ceiling Lighting 

The room ceiling is the most common area for hanging LED light strips. No wonder the lighting looks great after it’s done perfectly. Whether you’re a gamer or non-gamer, you can enhance your room’s beauty by installing LED light strips. 

I suggest getting RGBIC LED light strips for your room as it is more advanced than traditional RGB LED light strips. RGBIC LED strips can display multiple colors simultaneously, which gives a fantastic experience. You can have a rainbow effect in your room with this type of LED strip light. 

No matter which type (RGB or RGBIC) of LED light strip you use, I’ll always recommend using a diffuser with them. If you set your LED Light strip directly toward you, you’ll have difficulty sleeping. Additionally, you can also have a dimmer for more control over your strips. 

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2. On The Floor Of Hallway or Bedroom

The floor is a fairly uncommon space for LED light strip installation. But, trust me, illuminating your floor of the hallway or bedroom will give your home an aesthetic vibe. You can create paths with LED light strips in the hallway or use them to cover your bedroom floor. 

However, installing strips on the floor is tricky as you must keep the LED light strip or the PSU (Power Supply Unit) covered. Because, your home might have children or pets that can potentially harm the strip or get themself injured due to the power supply unit. 

Make sure to hide your LED Light strip properly with materials such as – aluminum channels, LED light strip covers & other ways. Hiding LED light strips & the power supply will not only keep the minors safe but also create a smooth appearance instead of a sharp & irritating appearance. 

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3. Bedroom Headboard Lighting 

You can use an LED light strip with the headboard of your bed. Headboard lighting can add a cozy and warm touch to a bedroom and is a popular design trend in modern home decor. Make sure to choose your LED light strip color temperature wisely, as it will directly impact your sleep quality. 

I suggest getting an LED light strip with a warm white color temperature. This type of lighting promotes melatonin production, which helps get a great nighttime sleep.

4. Lighting Under Your Bed

Not only the headboard of your bed but you can also decorate underneath the bed with LED light strips. It’s a fairly common practice for aesthetic rooms (of gamers & non-gamers) to have lighting under the bed. 

We all know the hassle of finding the light switch after we get from our bed. Luckily, you can use the under-bed lighting as a night light that gets activated as soon as you step on the ground. For this feature, opt for a motion-activated LED light strip. 

I suggest getting WILLED Motion Activated Under Bed Light Strip. This strip will automatically turn on whenever you step on your ground around 4 meters around your bed. If the sensor doesn’t detect you around, it will automatically turn off the LED light strip – saving your electricity cost & giving longevity to the strips. 

5. Wall Corner Accent Lighting 

Don’t keep your wall corners empty & dark. Adapt accent lighting for your wall corners & that will look great. You can vertically use LED light strips to cover up your wall corners.

Generally, you won’t like the strip to be exposed when they are facing directly toward you & that’s why you should use covers to diffuse the lighting effect. 

6. Behind The Television or Monitor 

Enhance your content consumption experience by using LED light strips behind your television or monitor. In this case, you can use both smart and normal LED light strips. However, I suggest getting a smart LED light strip that changes its color on the basis of the content on the screen

One of the best smart LED light strips is Govee Envisual TV LED Backlights with Camera. This product uses a high-quality camera & matches the LED light strips’ color simultaneously. Though this feature might not sound extraordinary, trust me – you can’t go back if you ever install this strip behind your television or monitor. 

7. Under-Desk Lighting For Gaming Room or Home Office

Whether it’s a gaming room or a home office, a desk remains an excellent place for decorating with LED light strips. You can get rid of the dark (kind of) place under your desk with proper lighting with LED light strips. 

For even more versatility, opt for color-changing LED lights so you can switch up the mood depending on your needs. Whether you want a warm and cozy atmosphere or a soft and calming vibe, these LED lights will do the trick.

8. Make Your Sofa Sparkle with Under-Couch Lighting

Make your movie watching more pleasurable with under-couch lighting. You can have a cinematic experience by installing LED light strips under your couch. Besides pleasurable content consumption, an illuminating couch will also give your room an extraordinary look.

Anyone can install LED light strips under their couch as it doesn’t require any prior DIY knowledge. Start by flipping your couch over to access the bottom. Secure a strip of wood to the underside using screws. Then, simply peel off the backing from your LED lights and stick them to the wood. 

You can glue the LED light strip controller under the couch so that it doesn’t ruin the beauty. Be sure to position the LED strips correctly and not upside down, as this will diminish the lighting effect. That’s it! Now, simply rotate your coach to the normal position. 

9. Light Up The Bottom of the Coffee Table

You can eliminate the boring appearance of your coffee table by installing LED light strips underneath. Make sure your power outlet is nearby, and after that – start installing LED light strips at the bottom of the coffee table. 

10. Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting 

Another great use-case of LED strip lighting is in the kitchen, mainly under the cabinets. Using LED light strips under cabinets will make your kitchen more appealing and help you find your desired product easily due to more lighting. 

Use LED strips, whose brightness is controllable with a dimmer switch, just like WOBANE Under Cabinet Lighting. It’s a warm white 1900-lumen LED light strip, making it bright enough to light up the counter or shelves under the cabinets.

If you’re trying to go from one cabinet to another without illuminating the non-cabinet areas, you can use an extension cord for this job. Also, remember to make the PSU waterproof if it’s situated around the basin as you might splash water unintentionally. 

11. Closet Shelving Lighting 

Don’t leave dark places on your shelves untreated. Use LED light strips for lighting up your closet shelves & giving an aesthetic vibe to your room. However, you’ll have to cut your LED light strips into small pieces to attach them to the shelves. 

If you want to avoid facing the hassle of cutting LED light strips, you can use HitLights LED Strip Lights. These strips come with 1-foot pre-cuts & there are a total of 4 feet or 48 inches of strips available in one box. You can use these LED light strips or any normal strips by cutting according to your need. 

12. Around Vanity Mirror Lighting

LED light strips around a vanity mirror provide benefits for doing makeup, including – improved lighting, adjustable color temperature, and so on. Don’t just install any RGB LED light strip around your vanity mirror; it won’t help you do your makeup. 

Aim for LED light strips with 5500-6000K color temperature, as this temperature is equivalent to a natural daylight brightness. Ensure your strips are waterproof, as you’ll use them in the bathroom. 

Keeping all the requirements of LED strips for a vanity mirror, I suggest getting LPHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights. It’s a very budget-friendly product & you’ll enjoy doing makeup more with these strips. 

13. Accent Lighting For Art, Photos, or Sculptures

It’s one of the great LED light ideas for a home to decorate your decorative items with light strips. Decorative items include – art, photos & sculpture. Use accent lighting to highlight these decorative items & enhance their beauty. 

14. Bookshelf Lighting 

Another creative way to use LED light strips is with a bookshelf. By illuminating the shelves from the back, you can create a dramatic and eye-catching display of your books and other decorative items on the shelf. 

Bookshelf lighting will help create a cozy reading atmosphere and highlight your favorite books at a time. 

15. Floating Shelf Lighting 

Floating shelves with LED light strips are a great addition to any room of your home. You can have a floating shelf showered with any light strip color. Also, it will provide lighting to the areas of your home that may be otherwise dark. This means – it has a practical use case besides decorative usage. 

Not only does the lighting enhance the aesthetic appeal of your shelves, but it also helps to highlight any items you choose to display. Whether you use them for books, decorative items, or photos, floating shelves with LED lighting are an excellent way to make your space look good and pleasant.

16. Indoor Staircase Lighting

Another great idea is using LED light strips on the indoor staircase. Yes, you can do indoor staircase lighting & it will give a great aesthetic vibe to your home. Not only the aesthetic look, walking around in the house will be safer as there will be more light sources. 

The installation process is fairly simple, just remove the adhesive backing & press the sticky side along the edges of each stair. Though you can use any type of LED light strip in the stair, I recommend getting the motion-activated light strips. 

Whenever you’re stepping on the stair, the motion sensor will illuminate the stair making your movement easy & safe. Elders & minors will be greatly privileged with motion-activated indoor staircase lighting. 

17. Pool Table Lighting 

You can enhance the beauty of your indoor pool table with LED light strips. There are mainly three ways of lighting a pool table with LED light strips & they are:

  1. Installing LED light strips under the pool table’s rail.
  2. Installing LED light strips above the pool table.
  3. Installing LED light strips underneath the pool table. 

I prefer the 1st and 3rd methods as they don’t require heavy DIY knowledge. Anyway, don’t worry about hitting the LED light strips with balls while using them (LEDs) inside the railing, because the strips will stay far away from the ball’s reach.  

If you install the LED light strip underneath the table, it won’t benefit you while you’re using it, but it will surely bring an aesthetic vibe. The last method – create a rectangular shape & attach the LED light strips facing upside down. Later on, hang the rectangular shape above the pool table. 

18. Illuminate Your Sound with Piano Lighting

Enrich your home decoration by illuminating the sound of your piano through piano lighting. Before the installation, make sure you’re choosing the right LED light strip for your piano. 

As the piano is a musical instrument, you should use LED light strips that react to music. In this way, you can make the LEDs dance with the music/tone of your piano & it will look much more pleasing compared to static or automatic LED lights.

I suggest getting Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights because – it’s a music-reactive RGBIC LED light strip with 11 music modes. The built-in high-sensitivity mic will register any piano notes you’re playing & will react through the LEDs. 

19. Indoor & Outdoor Window Corner

LED light strips are a stylish solution for adding illumination to your windows, both inside and outside. If you install the strips in the corners of windows, they can enhance the look of your home and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Make sure to use a dimmer switch while installing LED light strips in indoor window corners. However, you can also try using window curtain lights for further decorating purposes. 

Another way of using LED light strips with windows is placing the strips in the outside corners. Though you won’t be enjoying the beauty of the LEDs, the people standing outside will surely see the architectural design of your windows. 

20. Outdoor Patio Lighting 

I’ve already mentioned 19 different LED light strip ideas & all of which can be used inside the home. However, you can also use LED light strips for lighting your outdoor patio. A patio is a paved outdoor area off a house or building used as a seating or living space. 

While decorating your patio, use waterproof or weather-proof LED light strips. Your LED light strip will go through different weather changes; that’s why you’ll need weather-proof LED light strips.


I hope this article was helpful enough to give you LED strip light ideas for your home. I’ve mentioned 20 ideas & all of which can be done without expert help. Yes, some of them require heavy DIY knowledge, but they are the exceptions. 

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