What Led Light Color Helps You Focus? (Green Or Blue)?


Green and blue both LED lights color help to improve concentration and focus. The green LED helps to hold long-term concentration. On the other hand, blue LEDs help to concentrate at a higher rate but not long-term like green LEDs.  Below I’ll be discussing the facts behind everything and some other aspects. So stay with … Read more

Do LED Lights Strips Burn Out?


It’s very rare to hear LED lights strips burn out. They generally don’t burn out like incandescents, instead, they begin to flicker. It’s because LED light strips don’t contain a filament. However, all of them are eligible only if you purchase quality LED strips. The cheap and poor-quality strips are overvolted and poorly wired. As … Read more

Do Led Lights Attract Bugs? (Detail Explanation)


Yes, LED lights do attract bugs but not as much as traditional light do. Bugs are drawn to LED lights that have a shorter wavelength and produce UV light, as well as those that emit a bright blueish light. This is because many insects use UV light to navigate, so they’re naturally attracted to it. … Read more

6 Ideas For Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes (2023)


For replacing fluorescent lighting boxes, you can install track lighting in your kitchen, study, or other rooms. Going for undercabinet lighting, recessed lighting, pendant lighting, etc. would be a very wise decision too. The days of fluorescent lighting boxes are over now. In the ’80s and ’90s, these lighting boxes were very popular and almost … Read more

Soft White Vs Warm White (Know The Differences)


When you are comparing soft white vs warm white, warm white is yellowish-white with a color temperature rating of 3000-3500/4000K. On the other hand, soft white is yellow, having a temperature rating of 2700-3000K. Besides, soft white bulbs are more suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, dining, and outdoors. And warm white bulbs are recommended to use … Read more

How to Make LED Lights Look Warmer? 5 Methods


To make your LED lights look warmer the most effective method is to use orange color gels. For the warmer glaze, you can paint the LED bulbs. Uses of cellophane, yellow stripes, and Kapton tape are also very impressive methods to warm up the LED lights. Nowadays, we see the use of LED lights everywhere- … Read more

How Bright is 1000 Lumens? And How Far It Can Reach?


The simplest way to understand how bright 1000 lumens is imagining each lumen equivalent to the light illuminated by one candle. So, 1000 lumens is the amount of light produced by 1000 candles Here’s another perspective. 1000 lumens can completely light up a 76 sq feet room and as big as a 200 sq feet … Read more

How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be? (Lamp Size Guide)


The standard height of the bedside lamps should be 28″ to 30″ tall. That’s because, generally, normal beds are made 16″ to 24″ tall. This means 28 “-30” tall bedside lamps are the perfect height for most standard-size beds. This allows enough light to reach the bed while not being too intrusive. You might know … Read more