What Led Light Color Helps You Focus? (Green Or Blue)?

Green and blue both LED lights color help to improve concentration and focus. The green LED helps to hold long-term concentration. On the other hand, blue LEDs help to concentrate at a higher rate but not long-term like green LEDs. 


Below I’ll be discussing the facts behind everything and some other aspects. So stay with this article and learn everything.

Does LED Light Affect Focusing?

Yes LED colors can affect your focusing, concentration, clarity, productivity, and others. LED color has an invisible reaction in our minds.

Mainly the wavelengths of color have the effects. It’s different when you study, when you sleep, when you are hungry, or when you are sad/happy.

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An Overview of Ideal LED Light Factors for Focusing

Below is a quick overview table for you if you’re in a hurry. Have a look at the table and you’ll get an initial idea of what is the perfect LED for focusing.

Aspects Ideal Measure
Color Green: For long-term focus
Blue: For more concentration (Short term)
Color Temperature 5000K
CRI 90

What Color LED Helps to Focus On

If you think about focusing on something then colors play a great role. Colors can be annoying and distracting again can be productive and focused. And the reason behind it is the wavelength of the colors.

According to psychology, low-wavelength colors promote focus, concentration, and clarity.

If you look back at the wavelength of color then both the green and blue help to focus on. Let’s get a little more explanation about it below.

Green LED

The wavelength of the green color is between 495 to 570 nm. That means it promotes calm and restfulness. As a result, the green color helps to hold concentration for a very long time.

Again, the green color brings a natural feel which is good for the eyes. So, surely for a long-term attention session, green LED is a good choice.

Blue LED

The wavelength of the blue color is 450-495 nm. Works that require a high cognitive load are ideal to complete in a blue environment. That’s very often you’ll find blue paper, blue ink, blue highlighters, and other things in blue.

However, blue has also a con. For sure it promotes concentration even at a higher rate. But too much blue brings a sense of coldness and detachment.

So to summarize, blue LEd is good for challenging and more thoughtful work and green LED is suitable for long-term work.

What is the Ideal color Temperature for Focusing

A Color temperature that mimics daylight is the most ideal temperature for focusing. In that case, the most ideal temperature to promote focus is Daylight LEDs of 5000K color temperature.

However, sometimes people use LEDs of 4000k and 6000k color temperatures. They are also considered good for holding concentration but not as effective as 5000k.

What If You Use the Wrong LED?

So now the question might be making you worried about what if you’re using the wrong color LED.

First, there will be no physical effect and the mental effect that can happen is nothing serious. However, it’s true that it must affect productivity and concentration.

So, if you’re determined to get the best output from any work, it’s better to choose the right color led for the right place.

What is the Ideal CRI to Focus on?

Before getting into the answer, let’s figure out what CRI is.

The full form of CRI is Color Rendering Index. It indicates how closely an LED light reproduces the color of any objections it illuminates. CRI is measured on a scale of 0-100.

Now the ideal CRI for focusing is 90. Generally, a CRI rating of 80-90 is considered as good and 90+ is considered excellent.

However, CRI over 90 reduces the blue light, and sometimes it can be harmful. Again CRI below 80 is considered as poor quality light. So, finally, 90 is considered ideal.

NB: The CRI number doesn’t have a bigger effect on focus.

Other Aspects of LED Lighting to Improve Focusing

Well, aside from color, CRI, and color temperature, there are a few other facts about LED light that can improve or distract your focus. Let’s discuss in-short about them.

First, the position of the LED. If your LED is positioned in a place that is uncomfortable for you and glares too much it should distract you. So, position it properly.

Next, the brightness can be something uncomfortable for you. If you get the light too much brighter then change the light. Select an LED with lower lumens but the same color temperature.

What Light is Used in School Offices And Athletic Complex?

When it is about commercial places or educational institutions they focus more on color temperature than a light color.

Most of the time you’ll find 5000K LED lights in schools and Athletic complexes. And for offices, 4000-5000k LEDs are used.

Final Words

So that’s everything about – What LED  light color helps you focus? So once again go for green LEDs.

However, also consider the other facts. The lumens, place, glare, CRI, and other facts. I’ve explained how to choose an LED considering other facts.

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