How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be? (Lamp Size Guide)

The standard height of the bedside lamps should be 28″ to 30″ tall. That’s because, generally, normal beds are made 16″ to 24″ tall. This means 28 “-30” tall bedside lamps are the perfect height for most standard-size beds. This allows enough light to reach the bed while not being too intrusive.


You might know bedside lamps come in a variety of heights, so it can be a little tricky to decide which one is the right fit for your bedroom. If you don’t choose a perfect height for your bedside lamp, it can lead to a lack of light and discomfort when you need it the most.

That’s why I’ve created this guide, to help you with how tall should bedside lamps be. By following my guidelines, you’ll be able to find a bedside lamp that’s both comfortable and helpful. Let’s get started.

What’s the Right Height for a Bedroom Bedside Lamp

It can be tough to decide the right height for your bedside lamp. To measure what height bedside lamps should be at, you need to understand how much your bed height is. 


Remember one important rule while selecting the bedside lamp, try to keep the length of your bedside lamp equal to the mattress. Because If the table lamp and mattress length are the same height, it will create a balance in lighting the bed. 

How Big Should a Lamp be on a Table? 

Most people make a mistake when selecting a table lamp, they think that the bigger is better when it comes to lighting up their area. But in fact, this isn’t always true. 

In reality, a size that is too big will take up a lot of space on your table, and you’ll eventually run out of counter or drawer space. So instead of going for the biggest option, consider going for something in between these two extremes.

A rule of thumb when it comes to choosing tabletop lamps is to keep them the same size as the table. Obviously, you won’t put a big lamp on a small table and a small lamp on a big table. Use your commonsense in this case.

Another proven way to measure how big your bedside lamp will be is by keeping it the same length as your eye level while you sit in front of it. Generally, people choose bedside lamps of 58″ to around 64″ in length from the ground.

Why Should Bedside Lamps Be Taller Than A Headboard?

Ok, let’s assume you have successfully chosen a bedside lamp for your bedroom. Now you need to consider the height of the lamp in relation to your bed’s headboard.


Typically, bedside lamps should be at least two and a half inches as tall as your average headboard. So if you have a standard twin-sized bed with a headboard that is 18 inches high, then your bedside lamp should be at least 22 inches tall.

This is because -The height of your bed will determine the amount of light that reaches the bedside table. It’s generally easier to see objects when they are at a comfortable height.

How Many Bedside Lamps Should Be In The Room?

To be honest, how many bedside lamps you need depends on your bedroom decor, the amount of light that you need in the room at night, and your personal preferences. I don’t like having too many lamps on my nightstand, so I usually use one to light up the area.

But If you are a couple you should aim to have two lamps on each side of the bed. This will create a more comfortable ambiance while you’re sleeping and help avoid any disputes over who should get to turn off the light.

Unfortunately, If there is no space to place two table lamps on both sides of the bed. Then you can use one bedside lamp and for your partner, you can use a floor lamp or sconces. This will save your space and will also provide adequate light.

Can you mix and match bedside lamps?

Well, surprisingly, this is not typically recommended. Usually, bedside lamps are designed to be paired with a specific side of the bed- one lamp on each side. Yes, you can mix and match lamps, but doing so can result in destructing. You may also find that the combination of different lamps creates a jarring or confusing look in your bedroom. 

How do you raise a short nightstand?

Just imagine the nightstand lamp beside your bed is small or not that much height-wise. What will you do? Sounds awkward, but I have a solution for this problem too.

There are three ways that you can make a short nightstand appear taller. Those are:

Adding Bun Feet: You can add a set of bun feet to the bottom of your nightstand, giving it that extra height. This is an affordable and easy way to make your nightstand look taller.

Base Platform: You could also add a base platform to your nightstand in order to give it that extra height.

Adding Accent Pieces: By adding decorative pieces like vases, sculptures, or ottomans, you can soften the look of the short nightstand and give it more height.


As we discussed, you can’t go wrong with a simple bedside lamp that matches the décor of your bedroom. Just ensure that you pick a bedside lamp that suits the overall theme of your room and is also not too tall. After all, it is always better to go with what suits your taste and style than to settle for what everyone else has been using for ages.

I hope now you know how tall should bedside lamps be. Go go and implement what you have learned from here today.

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