10 Lighting Ideas For High Ceiling Living Room – (2023)


Having a high-ceiling living room is a luxury that everybody can’t afford. If you’re lucky enough to have one, consider doing the lighting properly. If you don’t light up your living room correctly, you will notice that some space in your living room is darker than others.  If you don’t want unexpected lighting conditions in … Read more

7 Must Have LED Lighting Ideas For Desk Setup – (2023)


LED lighting can greatly improve the comfort and productivity of your workspace. No matter which desk activity (Gaming or Casual Usage) you’re up to, you’ll always appreciate the extra lighting experience.  If you’re looking for product ideas regarding LED lighting for desk, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss … Read more

Why Do LED Light Strip Flickering and How To Fix It?


The LED light strip flickering issue indicates something is wrong with the strip or the components. This issue is widespread & I myself faced this issue too. However, after knowing the reasons & how to solve them – I’ve never faced the flickering issue again.  If you’re wondering why your LED strip lights are flickering … Read more

6 Proven Ways to keep LED Strip Lights From Falling Down


You can prevent your LED lights from falling down using strong adhesive options such as 3M foam or Gorilla tape. If you’re not into adhesive, you can use aluminium channels or mounting clips for the job. Everything works fine if applied on a surface cleaned by rubbing alcohol.  LED light strips can enhance our day-to-day … Read more

8 Unique Places You Can Hide LED Strip Power Supply


The most disturbing element of a LED strip setup is the visible wires & power supply without any doubt. These things ruin the aesthetic feel of a room if remains visible. That’s why you should always consider hiding your LED strip power supply and wires if you want your room to be more neat and … Read more

15 Unique Gaming Room Led Lighting You Should Own In 2023


Having the most rigid gaming setup can’t solve the dull atmosphere of your room without proper lighting. Setting up your room’s lighting is as important as building a beast PC to create a wholesome gaming atmosphere.  LED lights are best for gaming rooms as they are safe and consume less electricity. You can always keep … Read more

How To Connect LED Light Strips Together In 45 Seconds


You can connect LED light strips together with connectors or by soldering. There are many types of connectors available in the market & you can use them for connecting your LED light strips. If you don’t want to use connectors & have decent electrical knowledge – you can try using a soldering iron to connect … Read more