Top 4 Methods To Hide LED Strip Lights On Ceiling


Though I am a great fan of LED light strips, sometimes the ceiling strips become intolerable. The best solution I could have was to hide them under something. If you’re facing problems like me & thinking about how to hide LED strip lights on the ceiling – this article is for you.  You can hide … Read more

LED Light Remote Is Not Working – (7 Possible Reasons)


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5 Ways To Remove LED Strip Lights Without Peeling Paint


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How To Hang LED Strip On Wall Without Adhesive


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I Lost My LED Light Remote: 4 Things You Can Do Now


When was the last time you used old-school CFL bulbs? It’s been ages, right? Thanks to their convenient remote accessibility, everybody is now using LEDs instead. But the handy size of LED remotes makes them easy to lose. Maybe it’s under your bed or your table. So what if you lost your LED light remote? … Read more

Is It Safe To Put LED Lights Behind the TV?


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Why Does My TV Remote Control my LED Lights (5 Solutions)


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Is It Safe To Put Led Lights Under Bed? (Metal & Steel Frame)


Yes, it’s absolutely safe to put LED lights under the bed. In general, LED light strips include a separate driver which maintains a rated current and voltage. Aside from that their power supply is also protected internally. And finally, the encapsulated design of the LED will prevent all types of short circuits.  However, the answer … Read more