Where To Put LED Light In Room (17 Awesome Location)

If you’re trying to decorate your room with colourful lighting, LED strip light strips will be the best option. From ceiling to floor, you can install LED strips anywhere you want (until it makes sense, of course). 


LED strip lights offer great functionalities and the perfect ambiance to the room if installed correctly. Yes, you shouldn’t put your LED strips here and there in your room, as it will make things messy & disturbing for you. 

If you’re looking for ideas on where to put LED lights in the room, this article is for you. I’ve been testing LEDs placed in numerous locations & came up with the 17 most effective locations anyone can try. Without further ado, let’s get started: 

17 Common Locations For Installing LED Strips in Your Room

1. In the Ceiling

Install led strip light in room ceiling

The ceiling is one of the most common locations for installing LED light strips. Give your rooms a unique look by installing led strips on the ceiling. You can use various types of LED strips – some require adhesive & others don’t. 

If you have already used LED light strips, remove them without peeling the paint to do new LED strip decoration. You should always opt-in for installing LED strips without adhesive if you have the option available. 

Make sure to hide your LED strips properly; otherwise – you’ll have a hard time sleeping as the lights will be facing directly to you while you’re in bed. 

2. On the Floor


The floor is another great location for installing LED strips. Give your room a warm & cozy look by installing warm-coloured (yellowish) strips on the floor’s border. Don’t worry; you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular colour. LED lights come with various colour options & it’s up to which colour temperature you choose for your floor. 

Even though you won’t face difficulties determining LED’s colour, installing them on the floor might be difficult. To avoid potential problems:

  • Make sure you have the power outlet in position. 
  • Learn about DIY(electrical & non-electrical) jobs so you can easily do other things. 

3. Lighting Your Room Entryways Door Frames with LEDs

Decorate Room-Entryways-Door-Frames-with-LEDs

If you want to give your doors a sci-fi look, installing LEDs in your room entryways door frames will be the best option. After installing LEDs to the door frames, you can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on/off those lights (only if your LED strips are smart ones). 

If you feel the built-in adhesive isn’t strong enough to hold the strips vertically, use two-sided tape & you’ll be good to go. 

4. Corner of the Wall


You can choose to have your room’s corners illuminated with LEDs too. Though doing LED strips in the corner of the wall will give you a hard time compared to other room locations, it’s definitely worth it. 

Don’t forget to hide/cover your LED lights if you don’t want to ruin your night-time sleep. Get yourself aluminum channels that come with diffuser covers & they work like a charm. 

5. Under the Bed

The bed itself is an excellent location for installing LED strips. You can hang LED strips under the bed & which will create an incredible lighting experience for your room. Installing LEDs under the bed creates a dramatic floating illusion of the bed & it looks great. 

Use an additional adhesive option to stick LED strips under the bed. Also, remember that you need a power outlet near your bed to light up the LED

if you are tensed whether or not putting LEDs under bed is safe, I suggest you checking my article dedicated on this topic. (Quick ans – yes, it’s totally safe). 

6. Behind the Bedside Wall

If keeping the LED strips under your bed wasn’t enough, try installing them behind the bedside wall. You’ll definitely lean your bed towards one or several walls for sure. Now, if you install LED strips on those walls (keeping them outside of your eyesight) – it will create a mesmerizing lighting experience for your bedroom. 

7. Bottom of the Nightstand


If you want to be creative with your leftover LED strips, you can install them at the bottom of the nightstand. Though this will be a fairly simple integration, it will definitely give your room a unique look. Installing LED strips under the nightstand lamp can be quite challenging as you’ve to lift or lean the structure for the task. 

8. Behind the TV

You can experience immersive lighting if you place LED strips behind the TV. You might wonder if it’s safe to put LED lights behind the TV. Well, it’s safe & many people do it to decorate their rooms. 

There are two types of LED strips you can use:

  • Type 1: This type of Tv backlight changes color with the television’s picture. They are priced higher as they come with a sync box for attaching to the TV. 
  • Type 2: This type of LED strip stays as you keep them. They can’t sync with the color or music of the TV. Obviously, this option is cheaper than the previous type. 

9. Under the Couch


Chances are you enjoy movies from the comfort of your couch. You can take this movie-watching to the next level by installing LEDs under the couch. Those LEDs will give your room a theatre-like atmosphere & it feels great. 

Besides, these LED strips will help you in walking when all the lights are switched off. Installing LED light strips under the couch is a hard labor job & I suggest getting someone’s help while doing it. 

10. Bottom of Your Coffee Table 

Trust me; you can flex with your coffee table too. Install LED light strip underneath your coffee table & enjoy excellent illumination while enjoying shows on TV. The biggest challenge of this task is reaching the power outlet & that’s why I suggest using a power extension cord

11. In the Closet

The closet needs some light source so we can find our clothes easily. You can use LED light strips instead of using regular LED bulbs. LED strips take less space compared to bulbs & give you versatile lighting colour options. 

You can take this strip lighting experience one step further by installing LED strips that turn on/off via a motion sensor. This means, your strip lights will turn on or off whenever you open or close your closet door. 

Read Also: How to Make Motion Sensor light Stay On 

12. Bookshelves


If you’re a book lover, decorating your bookshelves with LED strips will give you heavenly joy. This additional lighting will make it easy for you to search for books & arrange them accordingly. Just make sure your bookshelves’ LED strips are hidden from eyesight while you are in bed & you’re good to go. 

13. Under the Cabinets

If you like illumination behind furniture or objects, try installing LED strips under your cabinets. Do this installation in the kitchen area, as it will give you more light for food preparation. 

You should use double-sided tape to install the LED under the cabinet. Sometimes, the built-in adhesive can’t hold the strips for a long time & peels off unexpectedly. 

14. Around the Mirror

A mirror is an excellent place for installing LED strips. Whether it’s your dressing mirror or washroom mirror, attaching LED strips will create an awesome lighting experience despite the mirror’s location.

Remember two things while installing LEDs around the mirror: 

  • Make sure you have a power outlet for the LEDs you are attaching.
  • Don’t keep the brightness very high, as it will hamper your eyes. 

15. Behind the Piano


If you have a piano, I have got great news for you. No wonder you love your piano, but I bet – you’ll love it more after installing sound-sensitive LED light strips behind it. A sound-sensitive LED strip reacts with the surrounding sound & it looks fantastic.

I suggest getting Govee RGBIC Strip Lights (Amazon) for this job. Govee is a reliable brand in the LED lighting industry & you can trust their products. 

16. Picture Frame

You can use LED strips in the frames if you own some big wall paint/picture. The best location will be installing LED strips behind the picture frame, which will create an awesome lighting effect especially when it’s dark. 

Consider doing it only if you have a big picture (with a frame) hanging on the wall. Otherwise, it won’t look good if the frame is very tiny. 

17. Shoe Rack

You can even decorate your shoe rack with LED light strips. If you have a spacious shoe rack, you can use the strips inside your shoe rack & it will look awesome. You won’t have a hard time looking for the particular shoe fair hiding in your rack anymore. 

Don’t be sad if your shoe rack isn’t spacious enough; you can install the LED strips underneath your shoe rack. Doing this will grab anyone’s attention & you will feel good as well. 

Things To Consider While Installing LED Light Strip in Room

Throughout this article, I’ve shared 17 different places in your room where you can install LED strips for an enhanced lighting experience. Don’t be overwhelmed with these ideas & stick LEDs here and there. Make a plan first & act upon it accordingly. 

Here are some additional suggestions for you so that your LED strip installation goes smoothly:

  • Wherever you install your LED strips, measure that place/object correctly.
  • Choose your preferred color temperature and brightness. 
  • Get the right amount of LEDs for your work. 
  • The more locations you use, the more power outlets you’ll need. 

Note: You might need to cut LED strips in some cases. If you need clarification on whether you can cut LED strips or not, I have a complete article on them. Consider checking that out. 


I hope this article was helpful enough to suggest where to put LED lights in rooms. I believe there is no good place left I didn’t cover & now it’s up to where you will put the LEDs. 

Please note that some locations (such as – ceiling & floor) mentioned here require an experienced hand. If you’re not experienced enough with DIY, consider getting expert help.

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