How Bright is 1000 Lumens? And How Far It Can Reach?


The simplest way to understand how bright 1000 lumens is imagining each lumen equivalent to the light illuminated by one candle. So, 1000 lumens is the amount of light produced by 1000 candles Here’s another perspective. 1000 lumens can completely light up a 76 sq feet room and as big as a 200 sq feet … Read more

How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be? (Lamp Size Guide)


The standard height of the bedside lamps should be 28″ to 30″ tall. That’s because, generally, normal beds are made 16″ to 24″ tall. This means 28 “-30” tall bedside lamps are the perfect height for most standard-size beds. This allows enough light to reach the bed while not being too intrusive. You might know … Read more

How Bright is 800 Lumens? And When to Use Them


800 lumen is equivalent to 60 watts of incandescent light. That’s a lot of light. So 800 lumens is definitely bright enough for most needs. It’s bright enough to see when you’re working in a well-lit office, and it’s suitable to handle most tasks. However, in this guide about how bright is 800 lumens, we’ll … Read more

How Bright is 100 Lumens


100 lumens is as bright as a 2x AA flashlight in the mid-sized. It’s true that 100 lumens are not very bright, but it’s enough to see what you’re doing in an average-lit room. When it comes to brightness, lumens measure the amount of light emitted by a bulb. This means that 100 lumens are … Read more

6 Best Lighting Ideas for Vaulted Ceilings – (2023 Guide)


Vaulted ceilings are perfect for optimizing roof space and adding grandeur by creating a sense of dramatic volume in the room. Choosing the right lights for your home’s sloped ceilings will leave a noticeable impact on the overall aesthetic of your interiors. Different slope designs demand different approaches. For example, high sloped ceilings would benefit … Read more